Can your insurance really be lowered if you install foglights? related questions

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Can your insurance really be lowered if you install foglights?0pagapulan2012-07-01 17:07:24
I made mention to a friend last week that I was considering installing foglights in my new car, mostly because from what I've seen, they're not terribly expensive, and I'm used to having the option especially on rainy or foggy evenings. They mentioned that some insurance companies will actually lower your insurance when you install foglights and other safety features on your car. I have no idea how to look into this, but is this true?
How to install and set up the Alexa app for Mac OS device?0echoalexasupport2018-10-17 23:48:08
For installation and setup of Alexa app for Mac OS, you will need to use a third-party application. You can install Reverb app on your Mac and then you will able to use Alexa. 1.Launch App store on Mac and install reverb app. 2.Then install Alexa app on Mac. 3.Connect the Alexa app with Echo device. 4.To get more information you can dial Echo Alexa customer care   and reach to experts.  
How To Install AOL Gold Desktop 0 japaneseanderson2018-10-08 21:57:20
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Can i just buy and install a body kit onto my car without notifying the dmv or my insurance?0Phoebus2012-06-15 18:33:31
¿ I can buy and install a body kit on my car without notifying the DMV or my insurance ?
Does your home insurance go up if you install a fireplace1) ã„£ you really bad -2012-05-14 06:37:07
Does your home insurance go up if you install a fireplace
What are the steps to install AOL Desktop Gold?0installaolgold2018-09-16 23:43:25
AOL Desktop Gold as the name depicts is a desktop software which is very useful for the AOL users. They are free to access their emails, browse the web and also listen to music and watch videos. If you are looking to Install AOL desktop gold Gold then you can head to the given process. · First of all, download the AOL Desktop Gold software on your device · Click the downloads folder and locate the installation file · Double click the Install AOL Desktop icon · Click run followed by install now Note: Don’t forget to check with the system requirements before you get the software on your computer.  visit here: download AOL desktop gold
Do I have to notify my insurance company if I install a turbocharger on my car?0mTaq142012-09-02 22:59:03
This summer I was thinking of putting a little money for a turbo kit for my car . Do I have to notify the insurance company to do ? I live in Ontario , Canada , so please provide some kind of proof based on experience and not just assumptions . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus dent
How can my pmi insurance on my mortgage be lowered?0kelley2012-07-05 17:08:02
Two days before my cloed PMI rose to $ 800. Now I only pay 800 a month for private mortgage insurance . I have made all payments on time for a year. I just want to be down to what is normal. O yes, and with this market I have no equity to refinance!
Does anyone know if having your car lowered increases your insurance?2Sel2012-09-22 22:16:03
I just got my new car and locked myself in it, but has been dropped . Should I tell my insurance and will cost me more? :)
Does insurance cover damages if you install battery backwards?1Keely2012-09-18 10:53:03
Does insurance cover the damage if the battery is installed backwards?
Coop Young Drivers Insurance. Where do they install the smart box?0Jake2012-09-01 07:15:04
Where do they install the smart box? My car has got two 6x9's on the parcel shelf and they won't insure a car with modified sound, I'm thinking of removing the parcel shelf and hiding the wires leading to it when the engineer comes around. Would they notice?
Can you sue a car dealership if they install a speaker wrong and you car catches on fire?0math hates me :(2012-10-04 21:25:17
A month ago my husband brought his car in to get the Suzuki subwoofer speaker in the back (yes , it was a stock subwoofer ) was under warranty, so it fixed for free . Unfortunately , due to incorrect wiring because this afternoon the trunk where the subwoofer is trapped in the fire . We were driving home from the store and smelled something strange has been almost a month since I have installed us do not even think the subwoofer . We went on the hood and it seemed fine , but we knew something was wrong by the smell . We went to eat we were only eating for about twenty minutes left in the car to smoke a ciggarette and seen things clear foggy when things are hot like the top of a grill for cooking . We opened the doors of causing all the smoke made ​​the black windows and we called 911 the fire truck arrived and later the car was towed we are not sure if you can drive again , even after his "fixed " if it is fixable . We call tomorrow sure the car will be inspected . The head fireman said it was out of the electrical installation . Can we sue the dealer to "fix " our subwoofer . I mean honestly if ciggarette out could have exploded and worse and injuries could have happened .

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