Can you turn in people if they are driving with expired license plate stickers in the state of IL? related questions

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Can you turn in people if they are driving with expired license plate stickers in the state of IL?8~*~§izzLiN' §e®b~*~ 2012-04-01 22:21:44
Well , today ( 5/5/09 ) I saw a car driving around Springfield with expired plates (July 2008!) I was wondering if there was a website that can turn these people in the a? Just not fair ! Everyone has to pay $ 78 for a new label , WHY DO NOT ? I work in a bank where license stickers are sold and that is why I always look at people's stickers on the back of the license plates . Does anyone else agree with me ? ? ?
Expired license plate stickers?2EXCLAM 2012-05-28 13:52:20
I am a new driver and my friend noticed that my bumper plates are still 2008. She says she can not drive without the new label. My parents will not be home for a while, so do not know what to do. How and where I can get the new 2009 sticker?
I see people driving around with expired vehicle tags, how do i turn them in?7Dunca2012-08-13 11:22:36
I do not see how fair is that both share the road , however , I have to pay my registration and taxes, while others do not. and I'm not talking about 30 days late here , I see cars with a maximum of 5 months + later. I want to become , how do I do ? Virginia State is ... thanks !
License Plate Agency miskeyed my plate number and i have paid for a new registration card and stickers ?0lynum2012-06-20 08:08:22
The record label and are not even in my name .. are in someone elses name plate for the mistake miskeyed what we paid for a registration card that was supposed to be in my name, but it is not. I have court on Monday and need fixed this morning . What are my options to get this fixed and I have to go to DMV for this agency or the license plate to handle this, as you only need about 30 minutes to do this before having to go to court to resolve this expired plate stickers load.
How do you stick the license plate sticker to the plate when the stickers not sticky?0Guardian Angel 2012-06-15 12:15:57
How do you stick the plate to tag the plate when no sticky labels ?
Can I turn in my specialty license plate and get a standard plate that is cheaper annually? This is a FL plate?1Miss Beatriz d Valle is in love with Jac 2012-03-23 03:55:57
I can not remember if it's one year to another, or if I signed a contract. Thanks for your help :)
Can you put any stickers on your license plate? In California?0love her2012-03-28 14:26:57
I am having a debate with my boyfriend be able to put stickers on the car plate . My opinion is that you can , provided they do not cover the numbers. He disagrees . Help me lol ! Thanks in advance .
How much do license plate tags/stickers cost in Ohio?0 gentle into injury つ -2012-06-01 15:01:43
in Columbus, Ohio if anyone knows please give me an idea .. thanks
Why do commercial trucks have stickers on the front license plate, and not the back?1kangaroo2012-05-11 22:33:25
Why commercial trucks have stickers on the front license plate , not the back?
Why are some illinois license plate stickers different colors: mine has a clear background with black numbers?1Lei2012-04-30 20:39:48
The sticker for 2007 was orange with black numbers ..... whats up with that .....
What is the fee to expired car license plate tab?0Goddar2012-02-27 17:03:22
What is the cost of a car plate tab expried license only ? thanks
Expired license plate?1Ruby2012-09-21 17:44:02
I own a car that runs on time (you need a new engine, and I'm not close to having enough to pay for it , but that's another story. Its been a loooooooong time since the engine blew ). and plaques on the thing are met. well , anyway , I noticed a ticket on my paperweight , the other day. my question is, do I have to have plates on it, if im not even drive the thing ?

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