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Which company/s renews mediclaim policy for lifetime?Please explain LIC Health plus policy?3mole2012-09-03 06:15:03
Provided there is no fraudulent claims.What is the difference between Health and Health Protection Plus Plus of LIC ?
Best mediclaim policy?0permicouas2012-06-28 11:25:02
Pls suggest the best policy claim .... for the best service ..
Which is the best mediclaim policy?0goose2012-05-27 14:14:44
What is the best Mediclaim policy ?
Can ne1 help me for mediclaim policy?2Victoria2012-08-17 10:41:03
NE1 can help me for Mediclaim policy ? i m frm Pune.
Best mediclaim policy?2Wallis2012-07-26 10:40:03
HI , I am planning to take Mediclaim policy of government-owned companies say the National Insurance , New India Insurance , insurance, etc. East , due to the settlement of the claim and no hidden conditions However, the time dependence of offering more facilities than government enterprises Mediclaim , what is the best interms of settling claims , network services and hospitals ? I am in Chennai ( Madras ) users of the company Mediclaim others also share their experiences please. thanks
Questions about getting mediclaim policy?1Edmun2012-06-04 21:34:44
Can you tell me if the choice of opting for the TPA (Third Party Administrator) is good or not ? How do you decide ? Apparently , it seems that some companies give discounts on the premium if the option is not selected by TPA customers. In this way, appears to be beneficial. I also heard that in some cases, the TPA creates problem in allowing insurance coverage at the time of hospitalization cashless . What is your opinion? Second, in the case of public sector companies that offer Mediclaim , is required for policy making from an authorized agent or you may get policy done directly from the branch? Which is better , if both options are open ?
Which is best mediclaim policy for family?4Nicky2012-06-12 18:32:51
I take Mediclaim policy , my mother has a Diabeties , we have a son. we are a healthy one. please suggest me best policy
Hi, I just want to take a Mediclaim Insurance Policy for myself and my family.?1peacock2012-06-19 08:45:31
Hi, I just want to have a Mediclaim insurance policy for me and my family. Can you suggest that Mediclaim insurance is good. Thank you. Saravana Rajan.
Which mediclaim policy covers pregnancy?1Kuala Lumpur2012-09-13 08:01:03
I want to make new Mediclaim policy that covers pregnancy
Mediclaim policy laps how durvive?0Jona2012-06-04 17:34:57
Mediclaim policy turns durvive how?
Which is best mediclaim policy suitable for tamilnadu?3Jagat_Purush 2018-11-03 00:23:42
What is the best suited for Mediclaim policy of Tamil Nadu?
How do I choose a suitable mediclaim policy?1magpie2012-09-16 13:31:03
I want to make a Mediclaim policy for myself (age 34yrs , India ) and my wife, but I do not know how to choose a particular insurance policy . What are the factors you should look for before deciding? Indeed, it seems that many companies offer more or less the same benefits. Should I go for public sector company or private? Floating family plans are useful for purposes of tax savings as well?

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