If you took a class about better understading your health insurance, what would you hope to learn? related questions

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If you took a class about better understading your health insurance, what would you hope to learn?0 [51 name-51mingzi] I'mcc æ—³ Male Jiu 2012-06-28 10:03:02
I'm going to be offering a 4 hour class on helping people to better understand their health insurance and taking a pro-active approach to it, and want to make sure I cover topics and questions that people may have! I work in billing for a hospital, and am always helping my family and friends figure out what's going on with their insurance (especially if they have two), and was even able to save my mom over $1500 on a bill that was processed wrong by her insurance! Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome!! Thank you!
Is there still hope for CLASS Act?0Paula2012-06-03 10:50:06
I have read here that the law was suspended http://www.completelongtermcare.com/resources/class-act.aspx class . Is there any chance that the government will push through this or not, are there alternative ways to reduce your premiums ?
Is taking the Kaplan life & health insurance class better Online or an actuall live class? any other tips?0rodrick2012-08-08 03:45:02
Any pointer before making proof of insurance ? any information that will help ! Thank you !
Health Insurance question, yeah I know YUCK, but hope someone can help.?0Note: Darknet created 277-284... email i 2012-09-14 08:15:04
I have health insurance through my work with at $3000 deductible, I know that high but its what I got. I am checking out insurance for a motorcycle and there is an option for $2,500 per person on the bike for Medical bill in case of an accident. Could the $2,500 be applied to my $3000 deductible? Or would I just get screwed? Thanks
I have signed up to learn driving,but I also want to learn rollerblading.Should I wait to learn rollerblading?0Deric2012-06-29 13:16:02
-I am 23 years old and live in Singapore -Today,I booked my Basic Theory driving test date and I will need to get my driver's license by 11 May 2013. -I really wanted to learn how to drive,so I picked a convenient time for myself to learn driving -My friends who have their driver's licenses,say that learning to drive is rather hectic and this leaves them with little time for anything other than their jobs and driving lessons -I am thinking that I can take rollerblading lessons after I have learnt how to drive,but I am worried that I will be too old for them
What do the Republicans hope to elicit from Pres. Obama considering health insurance legislation?2deanna2012-09-13 13:55:03
Dean says KILL THE BILL! Is there any hope left for health care reform?1mw2012-11-03 01:14:02
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp -dyn/con
If health care bill passes (which I hope it doesn't for the sake of America) what does Obama plan to do about?0Little fool 〆2012-10-10 06:15:02
MedlinePlus this growing problem within the medical community ? MedlinePlus
I'm in the process of applying for a health benefit exam. i need to learn more about now the health care work2Erika2012-05-31 15:04:45
definition of insurance premiums , the insurance deductible -insurance - the contribution
On my vehicle registration my car's class is a class 10. What exactly is a "class?"?0Blith2012-03-05 21:03:31
In the record of my car my car class is a class of 10. What exactly is a " class?" ?
How do I learn about my health insurance?0Joanne2012-05-21 13:09:34
I can not explain to you what I do not understand . you like to explain to someone how to ride a bike, they know they get to work and ride , but do not know how to use it . I understand that health insurance pays for visits to my doctor and if I have an emergency. I do not know how to use it or what else to do.
Where can I learn more about health insurance?1siair2012-08-10 04:15:03
Where do I go or who do I ask to find out more about personal health insurance. My birthday is coming soon and my insurance under my parents will run out. I will be in school for at least one more semester, so I am not able to get anything through my job. The school has one, but I am not sure it is my best option. I've read some of the plans, but I'm not even sure I understand the jargon. I don't want to just pick something and not know what I'm getting. Any advice? Thanks.

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