How can I become an independant insurance broker? I want to set up a insurance broker firm in the UK.? related questions

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How can I become an independant insurance broker? I want to set up a insurance broker firm in the UK.?0abc2012-06-28 09:25:02
I have been working as an advisor to Insurance for the last couple of years. Also, I have some experience Tele .
Which of the following most accurately describes the difference between a discount broker and a full-service broker12- / ミ letter ɡ. the equipment 2018-02-05 08:21:06
Which of the following most accurately describes the difference between a discount broker and a full service broker
Could one be a better performer as an independant agent-broker, than an agent working for a direct company?1Erin2012-05-25 10:40:27
It can not succeed in continuing my contract with a direct marketing company . I am a captive ( or exclusive) agent and still fairly new (in the first two years ) for business and have some money to invest. I just feel I can be able to get out on my own and do much better. I have not taken advantage of my best resources as clients, because I've been trying to use company resources to some extent lead me - to see if this arrangement works even for me. I look to more experienced agents and see what can not be as lucrative , being a direct marketing company , as previously thought . My goal is to have my own office, part of the city I love , and decent (if not great ) income . I am ambitious , but there are a lot of infighting and the company can make things very difficult to progress in many ways. The company's online appointment system / billing is quite complicated and not particularly well facilitates sales . At the end of this contract (which expires soon, if I can not meet the quota) , it may be better for me to establish my own brokerage. Will I be seen as someone who could not do with ** direct business and probably will not do it myself? Am I really not likely to do it myself? I have a lot of effort to go.
How do I get a job with a Broker?0mikku2012-08-03 04:16:03
I am considering getting my RIBO license to become a broker and sell car and home insurance. I want to do this part time and keep my current job in marketing. I would like to know how i go about getting a job with a broker to sell insurance and if this is possible to do part time with no experience?
What does exactly an Insurance broker does?1 감탄사 2012-06-15 16:18:11
What exactly does an insurance broker is not it?
For car insurance is it better to get it through a broker?0Can sombody please help me2012-08-10 01:45:02
I am 19 years old and I have never had insurance (I have had my license for a year). There is a broker right now charging me $508 to be insured for the whole year. Before finding this broker the cheapest I could find was at State Farm and they were charging $720/year. The thing is I was told I would be charged $33/Month by the broker which would total $396 for the year. Is the remaining $102 their (the brokers) commission? What do you think?
Becoming an insurance broker?0abu2012-09-07 07:45:02
Hello , I tried to look at this race a while ago and have struggled to find more detailed information and have a few questions I would appreciate a response . MedlinePlus First, what are the job opportunities in this sector , you can probably get a job with a business degree , otherwise it's best grade choice and what are the chances of getting a job after by example , as a graduate with no sales experience . MedlinePlus So are wages as a good broker for a large company . MedlinePlus Finally what is the general perception of this race and I'm definitely looking to go to sales , but I'm not entirely sure how lucrative this career would compare mine now as a financial advisor . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any information is greatly appreciated
What does an insurance broker do?0Mary Anne2012-08-07 15:18:02
I know it's something to do with insurance, but that's all I know . What education is needed for this job and what the general wage ? What does a typical day usually look like a runner ? Do you work for a company or on your own?
What is An Insurance Broker?1Jerem2012-05-05 13:36:03
What is an insurance broker ?
A broker can transact all the following except....?0Courtnee2012-09-01 16:00:02
A : life insurance , property insurance , accident insurance , or disability insurance ? ? ? ?
How to become insurance broker in IL?0jasper12012-10-19 17:15:03
Can anyone share the information on what is the procedure for become insurance broker in Illinois. I already have my P&C and Life&Health producer license. Who should I contact. I appreciate any help!
What does an insurance broker actually do?0TANGIE2012-06-27 20:00:03
I have a job interview tomorrow as an Admin Assistant / Insurance Broker. Whilst I'm confident it has jsut dawned me i haven't got a scooby what an Insurance Broker does. Can anyone shed any light? Ta.

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