If i activate the speed limiter on my car, do you think my insurance would be cheaper? related questions

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If i activate the speed limiter on my car, do you think my insurance would be cheaper?4LeAnn/Needs turned in within an hour2012-10-11 07:21:03
I have a Citroen C2 VTS 1.6, and my insurance is quite expensive. It has a speed limiter, and I've heard of this before. If I tell my insurance company that have limited the car to 70 mph do you think would be cheaper ?
Other than in school zones, do many areas with speed cameras have speed limits of 50 or less?1Alan2012-02-08 07:51:50
Except in school zones , making many areas with speed cameras have speed limits of 50 or less?
Is it ok to activate car insurance only to deactivate it right away?2Wing2017-06-15 04:44:58
I have a car that is in "storage" insurance if I bring it back for a few hours just to show a buyer potitial then when I'm done showing the car to that person again in safe storage off , it landed me in any problems?
How do I activate my Harvard pilgrim benefits visa?0Verna2012-04-29 02:04:29
I have no health insurance from Harvard Pilgrim . Also I have a visa card full access to the benefits that covers my prescriptions. I have a birth control very expensive and heart medications . Last year was the first year of this insurance and each recipe was free (sort of thing where my parents work covered a certain amount of money ), now , from 2012 I have to start using your Visa card or pay money. When I tried to use my visa is refused. The pharmacist said it needs to be activated , but did not know how. Does anyone know ?
Any car insurance plans you can cancel or re-activate monthly?0AVNEET2012-06-27 00:42:08
I am a recently licensed teen going to college in a month. I won't be driving that much while I'm there but I want to for the next few weeks and will be when I'm home occasionally. Is there any kind of insurance I can get that will allow me to re-activate the insurance and cancel it on a monthly basis? Or every couple months? My family has Geico but do any other companies have an option like this? In the U.S. only. California driver.
Only compatiable SIM cards from a supported Carrier may be used to activate iPhone...?2Hail2015-12-18 19:25:34
Hi, I recently bought an iPhone 4S online, I got a good deal and it seemed good at the time, however, when I received it, it had a Vodafone SIM inside from a terminated pay monthly contract (so the seller says), I bought a PAYG SIM and did a complete factory reset, seemd a good idea at the time, now going to set the phone up again, and activate SIM, i can only get to a screen which says 'Only compatiable SIM cards from a supported Carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone or visit a supported Carrier's store to receive a replacement SIM card'. I have now thrown the original SIM away and when taking it to Vodafone store they told me it may have been blacklisted. I'm concerned I have been scammed by an insurance knck wich i have heard about, nevertheless, as far as I'm concerend, I got a great deal on a excellent phone which I want to get working, preferably without jailbreaking. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I reported my phone stolen. Will Verizon notify me if someone tries to activate it?0gorilla2012-10-10 01:21:26
I had my iPhone 4s 64GB stolen in the city in the East Village . I reported it stolen and through Verizon Wireless, and when I got home , I used the Find My Phone application , where he was able to locate in Queens . Now I know that Verizon is hard for activating stolen phones but my question is: I warn you if someone attempts to activate the phone ? Does Verizon confiscate the phone to return it to its original owner ? I had the Best Buy insurance paying $ 15 a month but your policy does not cover lost / stolen phone ( BS I ) , so I'm hoping someone out there will have a good heart / :
Was it a speed camera?2Sheba 2012-06-21 13:42:35
I took a side street off a main road and as I got up to highway speed , which was 30. Then I saw two of flash in my mirror I looked metar speed and was in 33 and there was no car behind me. Also on the way there are no signs of speed cameras and I have been on the same road to check for signs of speed cameras . I have found no signs and I have not noticed any speed camera . I'm confused , where the flash came from .. ideals?
Speed camera help......?0collective count noun2012-05-21 11:45:02
I was driving along a straight and saw a car parked on the road and see a small red dot that was doing about 65 , does anyone not know what type of camera that the police were using camera eg insurance or tax speed was 60 the speed limit , didn 't realize I was speeding until he sees the shadow of the patrol, and was stopped by the time the light went out I was captured from anyone who does not , from Northern Ireland thanks
I hit a speed bump going 25?1Winifred2012-05-10 14:16:59
I hit a speed bump Going 25 and , of course, get to the bottom of my car (98 Grand Am) and now will not start unless I tap the gas, but once you have running and starting to turn off right back up well for the use required, can you help ?
Speed limit!!?5Charlotte2012-07-18 04:19:05
I was thrown a little over 53 going on 35 and the policeman said he had a clean record that left me with a warning .. my insurance still go because I did not get a ticket?
Speeding in speed zone?4Zona2012-08-09 04:56:42
Suppose I'm traveling 70 mph in a 55 mph zone spped . Can a man polce duty out of uniform and travel home on your own car gives me a thicket sppeding or even arrest me ?

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