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Should i factory reset my Droid X if?0penny lane2012-07-14 08:50:02
Alrightt so my music phones and all images have been deleted and my phone started to say " Please insert SD card before using the camera" or "The phone has an SD card inserted. " Etc. Even acquired by a new SD card and the same thing happen . I tried both SD cards in other phones and have worked well. So the android is just not answer all the memory cards. So I'm sure the card slot on my phone is broken. Is there a way I can fix this? because the phone is almost useless without a camera or music. Verizon will try to repair it or refund , even if I have insurance? Pleasee help and give feedback .
Should I factory reset my Droid X if?0Theresa2012-06-26 02:45:01
Alrightt so my phones music and pictures were all deleted and my phone started saying "Please insert SD card before using the camera" or "Your phone does not have an SD card inserted." etc. I even puchased a new SD card and the same thing happend. I've tried both SD cards on other phones and they've worked fine. So the android is just unresponsive to all memory cards. So I'm just sure my phone's card slot is broken. Is there way i can repair this? because the phone is nearly useless without a camera or music. will verizon try to repair it or refund it even if i don't have insurance? Pleasee help & give feedback.
Can I get a droid 4 as a replacement for my droid 3?0Spence2012-07-13 10:51:02
I just went to a pool party yesterday and jumped in the pool with my phone in my pocket. It's gone for good, but I have insurance on it so I can get a replacement no charge. I just want to know if I could change my replacement from a new droid 3 to a droid 4. Or maybe even the droid razr?!?
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How much does droid insurance cost?0Cold cold ˉ 2012-04-30 21:12:14
What is the cost of insurance Verizon DROID X
Reset AOL Password0Stevejohnmatrix2018-12-16 22:32:29
1. Click on the start button and go to settings on your windows 10 computer. 2. Under this, you need to select the ‘update and security’ setting option. 3. By clicking on that you will see the recovery option. Under this, you need to click on ‘go back to windows 8.1’. After that hit the ‘get started’ button to go back to the previous version of the software.  Read More:- aol desktop install 
Droid verse Iphone4 for verizon?0shanari2012-09-13 12:04:04
1) You can not wait too long for an iPhone 5 ( although I love the idea that is unbreakable ) . I have someone paying for it and do not want to change their minds . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) I've had both an Android phone and an iPhone before. I use both of them , I use both. I liked it so much , the lack of flash was not too upset . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) This is Verizon . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Things I like : phones smaller , faster phones (Internet / processing ) , good camera quality , durability (I will not get insurance probably) , battery life (I think the iPhone has more battery life , but is that could not be replaceable bad ) , I like iTunes is fine with the iPhone . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Things that interest me : I do not really have to use the front facing camera . I like the freedom of droid applications but seemed less polished iPhone applications generally seemed a little better , so things are not too important App . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Questions: Verizon Droid phones all have a free wifi hotspot thing ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you all for your opinions . Please try not to be bias .
My Droid X has been having some problems. Would the insurance allow me to get a different phone?0Sully2012-06-28 11:18:03
My Droid X has been rebooting a lot for no reason, and it's also been freezing up. I have full insurance for it, so I was wondering if my insurance would allow me to get a different phone, like the Iphone 4 for example? Would this be allowed?
If i break my droid, can i get a new one??? (insurance policy)?0lerato2012-10-23 11:04:32
i pay insurance coverage of about seven dollars a month and I have the droid x2 8gb internal . I want a new phone and the contract is not due for a year. When I bought my phone the guy said if I break into crash the phone will be updated anotherone of equal value . im planning on breaking my phone . What kind of deductible I can expect to pay ? It is considered a droid x2 smartphone which is under the $ 100 deductible ? i was grandfathered in the unlimited data plan , will this turn my new phone ? also what phone I get a replacement ? there are plenty of robots on the market right now as the razor maxx Droid Incredible and so what I can expect to get. any input helps . thanks
If i were to get a new prescription will my insurance coverage reset?0. I m hurt him! continued 2012-06-05 09:08:04
CIGNA I have and am being treated , but the custom cover more than $ 1000 when I read the contract. if a new recipe that covers therapy remains
How to reset NETGEAR router password?0netgearrouter2018-11-30 02:23:33
· Open the web browser in your computer or device which is connected to the router’s network. · Open the NETGEAR official website. · Enter the default username and the password. · If you have changed the username and password enter the changed username and password. · Click OK · Select wireless and enter new username in the username (SSID) field. · Enter new password. · Click apply.
How to reset ATT password without alternative email?0jenniferthompson2018-08-06 03:28:18
If you have forgotten the password of ATT mail, you can recover it back by using password recovery option. But if you have set alternative email then follow the steps described below. 1.   Sign in to the official page of ATT mail. 2.   Click on password reset link. 3.   Now enter your ATT email address. 4.   Select the password security question. 5.   Answer all questions and follow on-screen instructions. Now you can create a new password for ATT. If you have any confusion ask experts for amending by a call on <a href="">AT&T tech support number</a> 1-800-234-6190. Through this number, you can resolve the problem as soon as possible. Visit here: <a href=""> AT&T Customer Care Number </a>  

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