What insurance is my wisdom teeth filed under if the teeth are impacted? related questions

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What insurance is my wisdom teeth filed under if the teeth are impacted?0Makenzie2012-06-25 09:01:31
The receptionist told me that if they are affected will be archived on my health. My dental covers 80 % of wisdom teeth, my health cover None. What decides , my teeth or dentist ?
How much for 4 impacted wisdom teeth - no insurance - New York?0Amey2012-09-30 18:37:02
The dentist said that my wisdom teeth would come in about 2 years and then I have to take them off , that was over 10 years ago . I have not had dental insurance for a few years , and I got an x-ray of neck pain and showed all 4 of my wisdom teeth are impacted. The feel sometimes and I have headaches and I really think you have to go . Any idea how much would be to get all four removed without insurance? Just a general idea would be good. Thank you.
Should I have my wisdom teeth taken out?1Sally2012-09-18 05:20:04
Just a little background - I'm 19 and haven't had my wisdom teeth taken out. My dad's dental insurance changed and my dentist didn't accept the new insurance, so I haven't seen him since they have grown in. I did, however, get my teeth cleaned at a different dentist who recommended I have them removed and told me his receptionist would set up the appointment, but never did. Now, however, at least 2 of the 4 (one on the top, one on the bottom) have broken through the gums and are causing me pain. My question is, is it too late for me to have them removed now that they have broken through or is it possible for me to wait a little while longer? I'm starting a new job next week, so it probably wouldn't be wise to call off so soon of starting there. My mom's wisdom teeth never came in and my dad's were never taken out but didn't affect his teeth at all. Basically, I don't want to mess up my teeth seeing as I had braces for 2 years, but I don't want it to affect my job either. Thanks!
Have no insurance and need wisdom teeth out. Please HELP!!?0Agatha2012-08-16 20:38:02
No insurance and need to get my wisdom teeth. One becomes infected, which makes me feel bad all the time. I stay home with the kids while my boyfriend works. He makes good money, but even with their income, there is no way I can get $ 2500 in advance to pay an oral surgeon. Not even let me make payments on it. Nobody in my family can help anyone. My dad lost his job and suffered a significant pay cut, plus my mom has a lot of their own hospital bills to pay. I mentioned to get a loan for my boyfriend, but he does not like the idea, considering that you can not really afford a new bill on top of what we already have. I feel so helpless. I am studying at an online school to become a medical transcriptionist who used all our tax money last year and some of these years. The rest of the tax money went to more bills, so you can not use that. That can not work anymore. The infection, I think, is spreading. I have constant headaches, I'm dizzy, upset stomach, jaw and ear pain, and I'm always tired. I tried to get the Care Credit Dentist office offers patients without insurance and was rejected. I tried to call the health department and have to go out of my boyfriend's pay, which, they did too. Only about 40,000 and is including overtime. Anyway, I do not think I have many options until you start working, that even I do with the online school, probably until May. I could get it done sooner if I feel so shitty all the time. Also I have to take care of our kids all day while he is at work. I just want to go find a job and put children in daycare, but I will not be able to use insurance benefits anyway until about a year to be used for ....
Im 25 years Old and still have all 4 Wisdom teeth...?0I dunno2012-07-08 08:27:02
I went to see an oral surgeon and she told me that i couldnt remove any of my wisdom teeth because they were all touching a nerve and if i did i ran the risk of looseing any sensation in my lower jaw/chin area and same for upper.... for some reason i dont trust this reason... and i want a second opinion. My insurance expires in 1 month and i really wanted to get it done. does this reason sound acurate enough? she said I should have tooken them out when i was 17... :-(
May have to get my wisdom teeth removed?3sm2012-10-19 04:56:04
My wisdom teeth are coming in, I just talked to my dad told me he wants me to put before our insurance runs out. Now my question is , when I removed what I have to be put under ? or I can have general anesthesia ?
Wisdom teeth peaking through...?0READ ME!! NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012-07-30 19:40:03
So, I went to the dentist about a week ago, and they told me that my wisdom teeth need to be removed as soon as possible. I know, I shouldn't resort to Yahoo! Answers, but my dentist didn't really give me any clear idea how badly they could affect my teeth in a short amount of time. I won't be able to have them pulled out until mid-August because I'm going out of town for the summer. However, I have to note that my wisdom teeth have been peaking through at this same height for awhile now. I had been told the previous dentist visit that my wisdom teeth needed to be removed, but they didn't make a big deal about it then, which, yes is my fault, but there was also other issues like insurance not covering it, dad who pays for that doesn't live with me, he's out of town a lot, etc... Anyway, my main concern is that I had braces for two years and am worried that my wisdom teeth will come through in those 7 weeks and start doing some major damage. Is that possible for them to come through more and do much more damage? I was told that one of the bottom molars is being slightly impacted by the incoming wisdom tooth.
Removing wisdom teeth?1 Xiao vector ┆ o` -2016-01-02 15:39:50
So the orthodontist recommended i remove all of my unerupted wisdom. But only the top right was necessary, because my right top molars need to be pushed back and there is no room with that wisdom tooth being there. Will extracting only one cause problems? I dont know what i should do. Im also gonna schedule a consultation with the oral surgeon PS i looked at the x-rays and my wisdom teeth look like they are growing in straight. Also i dont have insurance
Removing my wisdom teeth?..?0yazmin2012-10-31 01:15:04
I wanted to get my upper wisdom teeth removed as they keep cutting my gums... however, as a college student, I have only medical insurance!!! No dental.. and I was wondering how much this procedure would typically cost. I don't want to buy a costly dental insurance plan cos..well we students are always struggling with finances so does anyone know about this procedure? Yelp?.. Thanks guys!
Should i get my wisdom teeth removed?1tony2012-10-19 05:02:19
im 15 years old and my wisdom teeth haven't come out of my gums yet and i have had no problem with it at all . i had an xray done and the dentist said that i had impacted wisdom teeth. i have braces and was told that i have to remove my wisdom teeth because it wasn't allowing my teeth to be straight . -__- i have no type of medical or dental insurance , and i have heard that impacted wisdom teeth sometimes don't even come out ! how much would it cost to take 2 teeth out ? + the anesthesia . will i just get shots to numb the area or will i be put to sleep? like i said , i dont have ANY type of insurance , and i really don't want to have my parents spend alot of money on something may not be necessary .
Husband needs wisdom teeth taken out...insurance?0Ashley V2012-10-23 20:02:24
My husband went to the dentist in the first , and he has an infection and needs his wisdom teeth taken out . The dentist did not say whether they were involved or not, but given a referal to an oral surgeon and radiography . Only our children have dental insurance under our HMO , we are not going to cover , but ... but I do have health insurance. I called around and some offices told me that if the teeth are affected , then billed by insurance . Is there any way I could find some type of dental insurance to buy for him , in case it will not be covered by medical personnel ? We live in new jersey ... and the dentist said it should be done in about 2 weeks . I created a free consultaion with an oral surgeon for him to determin whether they are affected or not.
How much does it cost to get your wisdom teeth out in London?1Coroline2016-01-19 12:45:36
I am an Australian working and living in London and has the great pleasure to have my other 3 wisdom teeth coming down at once, and I am in agony ! Waying only making it cheaper to get done here or fly home and get it out . I have no health coverage or insurance here. Has anyone had their wisdom teeth taken out on the chair or hospital ? If so, hope you do not mind me asking how much it cost ? I appreciate any comment ! K.

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