How good is a life/health insurance agent career, would it be a good choice? related questions

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How good is a life/health insurance agent career, would it be a good choice?1Lena2012-10-06 12:01:02
Hello , I was a mortgage broker for 5 years and at one point I almost a 6 figure income . Now things are not so great and my income took a significant drop this year. I'm thinking about getting my insurance card , but again I'm not sure if I would make very good money on it as the mortgage industry. This would be something new for me and I 'm not sure if it's worth , although many agents say it is so large and are income are through the roof , not sure if that's true or just marketing ?
Is Insurance a good career choice?0LMH2012-07-20 16:03:02
If you have the time and know about insurance would you mind answering a few questions? I have spoken to friends and family but it always comes down to "if it's what you want to do" type answer. Are you an agent? What made you decide on insurance as a career? Pros and Cons? 1. What is your impression of an Insurance Agent? 2. Do you have an Agent? Yes. What do you like about them? 3. Do you ever review your insurance? Yes. How often? 4. Has your family and/or financial status changed from when you first took out the policy? Yes. Have you updated the policy to match your new financial picture? 5. Do you carry all insurance policies with the same company? IE life, health, home and auto. Thank you all for your comments!!
Do you think being an Insurance Agent is a good Career?0m1ng / 陌㈤2012-07-19 23:44:06
I already have my Life & Health licence, and I am getting my Property & Casualty licence, and it's not very exciting.
What is the best way for a new insurance agent to get started on a good track in life and health?1Gordo2012-09-09 22:38:03
What is the best way for a new insurance agent to start on the right path in life and health?
Is the health and life insurance field a good career field?0Nikki Cobb2012-08-12 17:17:02
I am looking to work for an insurance company , which deals with health and life insurance. Does anyone know if insurance agents get paid the salary and commission when working for a large insurance company ?
Bankers life insurance job, is it a good career?0sargam2012-10-19 11:43:20
I put my resume online ( monster ) and got a call from the financial banking services (insurance ) to help people plan and retire . They would like to interview me for a job as a customer service representative . I provided the information on the website and received an email for the interview time and address . We spoke on the phone, but they send an email for a reminder . OK , I need a job , but I'm not sure if you like customer service or this whole " financially secure " . Heres some of them MedlinePlus Bankers * point * com / aboutus MedlinePlus If already scheduled an interview I can call and cancel if I think about the future ? I have until Monday for the interview .. I also do not know why this company there called me literally half an hour away for me to drive ! I was looking for something a little closer to my location. Currently have car trouble so scared so I have to go to distant places esp . for a potential job ( if I get it ..) I do not know why I only get calls , emails to insurance companies as insurance of farmers , bankers life insurance , etc. Also I have no experience in customer service is literally anyone's face when they read my resume . I'm sure it will work out. Please any advice, or if you work in any of these fields . What you like , what I'll be doing all day every day ? It's a full time job , I was told .
IS selling life insurance a good career opportunity?5Dobly2012-08-17 17:35:02
I wonder is selling life insurance a good race meal . I can say that people are l bit skeptical when it comes to selling insurance, but I wonder if this is a good measure career?
Which company should a life and health agent choose to make good money with?0lil tiff 2012-05-21 20:40:32
I live in Texas and licensed in Texas and California, in Life and Health. What is a good company to start selling insurance ? I do not want the cost of lead to be buried in bills and residual income from my yearly renewals want to build a good business book . What company should I go? Is there some good to choose ? I have to work now ! Thanks in advance .
Is New York Life a good company to start my new career with?...?0Jenny2012-07-23 03:30:02
I am going to jump into the Finance and Insurance Industry. I am very seriously considering taking a position with New York Life to sell Insurance. First off, I will sell health and life insurance, then I will complete my training on becoming a certified financial planner. New York Life is known for their great trainning program, especially for new agents in the career. I strongly welcome any comments or suggestions.
Is amerigroup a good choice for health insurance?0larrenzia2012-09-06 16:31:03
Ameri chose as my HMO group . Did I make the right decision for my baby and me?
What is a good choice for insurance. I live in West Texas and need a good insurance?0Makie2012-07-02 21:40:03
I am 26 yrs old, female and live in Texas. I need a good insurance that covers dental, vision, prescriptions and general doc visits and ER and hospital stuff. What is a good one? Thanks.
If free market ideology says it's good to have choices, why not the choice to buy public health insurance?1Kin2012-11-02 09:46:02
Why do conservatives want to deny consumers the choice of a public option?

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