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Can I still drive the car with Level 1?0Ehis2012-06-24 14:56:16
I recently got my license in Michigan Level 1 . I do not fully understand the guidelines of restraint. I would take my mom (42) at Walmart, but she does not have a license. However, states that "With a Level 1 License , a teenager may operate a motor vehicle only when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or other licensed licensed driver 21 years of age or older designated by the parent or legal guardian "could still drive his ?
How late can I drive on a Level 3 License?0 night has' dream -2012-04-26 10:44:30
I live in Michigan, and I just received my license to drive incremental Level 3 . How late am legally aloud to drive? I hear it's only until 11 , but I've also heard that it was midnight. So who can clarify this for me?
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Can i use my licence to drive a forklift after passing nvq level 2 in plant operation?0Nydia2012-06-15 20:45:01
approved in 2010 I can use this in other companies
Can I drive past 10pm with my level 2 graduated driver license?0modal verb2012-03-18 19:36:32
Get my license in 9 days and the "First in 10 " The law March 29, 2011 is shit. Basically what I'm asking is : Is it easy to obtain by those restrictions for people who already have their license. I know you do not follow it lol
Level 2 Graduated License speeding ticket - Michigan - 5 over, no points. Will I still get my Level 3 License?0hunter2012-08-08 02:17:02
Hello , I just received my first speeding ticket yesterday from a police state here in Michigan. The clock makes me 86 in a 70 on I -94, but collided with him to 75 in a 70. I asked the officer politely if affect my license and I replied that it would not be , nor my insurance , but he wanted his vantage point he had to slow down, so I understand perfectly. My question though is because this offense does not put points on my record , I will still be able to get my license Level 3 as previously scheduled, or I'll have to wait an additional 12 months as described in the manual (very loosely) . Thank you !
What i have to do for level 2?3mallard2012-07-30 08:00:02
What do I have to do to level 2 ?
What is your level of education?0Ala2012-09-15 17:55:03
Please answer honestly. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There are always comments about how Christians , have a low level of education ... as if they were more educated , they would realize that there was no God . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Personally, I graduated high school , have an associate degree , and I am a qualified state insurance agent . My husband who is also a Christian , also has a high school diploma , a bachelor and a qualified general contractor . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Most of our friends are Christians and are college educated .
Second Level Appeal to Employer?0y0))))))))))))) i'm juz ChiLLiN' 2012-06-04 07:36:14
A health claim is medically necessary was denied my son of 20 months. I called the insurance company, and denied it saying it was the kind of politics that had no cover treatment ( cranial orthotic ). They said I have to write my second level appeal to the employer. ¿ I can write a letter and send all of my original letter to my insurance company or should I rewrite the letter to the employer ? The original letter is well written and complete.
Can 'the government' at any level force you to pay for something you don't want?0Nicholas2012-10-16 12:45:04
Health insurance is the question. Given that the 'the government' can force an individual to pay taxes, fees or maintain a cash account in lieu of purchasing auto liability insurance the 'health insurance' question doesn't seem that far fetched. Once taxes are collected, federal state or local, 'the government' at those levels can allocate that money as the various legislators as an individual don't get a choice. Many people object to spending so much on the military, others are opposed to supporting Planned Parenthood. Foreign aid is another expense that some would like to see eliminated and our support of the UN is questioned as well. Government can make you purchase indoor plumbing and hook up to a sewer system or at least have a septic tank in good working order. Government also insists that you hook up to the local electric grid and buy your electricity from a private supplier. Sure, you can provide your own electricity, but if you decide not to your dwelling will be condemned. The point here is that the 'government CAN force you to purchase or pay for items or services you personally don't want or don't approve of. Health insurance while admittedly a different critter is just one more thing that government can insist individuals have for the good of 'the general welfare'. Sure it torques a lot of jaws to 'be forced' to do this, but government does force us to do a lot of things. Try putting up a commercial building these days without being 'forced' to buy a working sprinkler system, or yanking the smog equipment off your car. Can we discuss this?
How old do you have to be to take your A level motorBike liscence?0Øne 2012-02-15 20:03:30
Hey, so I'm turning 17 in November and I was reading about upgrading to a 125cc and u can ride a 125 with a CBT but I am hearing that you can ride a Kawasaki Ninja 250R if you take your liscence a level and that after 2 years or something you can ride anything , but I had also heard that you could only ride a 400 cc bike up until I was 25 years in a bike liscence I have all this information from different websites and I'm confused please help
ENTRY LEVEL underwriter?1PoPkiss 2012-05-29 15:53:08
Seeking more details about a career subscription : * What does an insurer to make entry level ? * I have read some descriptions of work that goes into sales ... Is this true? How to involve all posts in subscription sales? is cold calling ? * What is an entry level salary range subscriber ? (I have a degree in mathematics and business with 5 years of business experience in general) * Why do companies hire entry-level ? or usually only promote from within ... ie from claims adjusters, insurance salesmen , etc, etc * What are the bonuses based on ? * Is this a career that is overwhelmed by the ? and is working late several times a week? * Is this a career that I would recommend to someone looking to have 2 children in the next 4 years? ( I just got married ) * How is fulfilled at the end of the day? week? * What is the best of a career subscriber? * What is the worst of the race subscriber? Thanks in advance . I'm really trying to find the soul in depth to find a satisfying career . I have 30 years and want to do rebounding and not know what I'm doing the race - wise! ! :)

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