If I purchased a new car a year ago that I can't afford can I give it back to the dealership? related questions

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If I purchased a new car a year ago that I can't afford can I give it back to the dealership?2qumeria2012-08-10 13:59:02
If I bought a new car a year ago I can not pay what I can return to the dealership ?
Will a Car Dealership take a car back and give me a refund If the car is not driving right?1Blake2012-08-23 19:54:21
I have only had the car a week and a half .
I purchased a new vehicle 08 suburban not even a year ago.I cannot afford it anymore.What are my options?0Yumiko2012-06-18 16:11:05
¿ I can go back to the dealership ? I know I 'm going to have bad credit , but what I can do?
If you have had your vehicle a year and don't want it any more can you give it back?2Bair2012-05-30 23:00:29
If you have had your vehicle a year and do not want anymore can give back?
Should car insurance companies give at least 20% money back at the end of the year if you had no accidents?0Malakia2012-08-08 19:14:02
Should auto insurance companies with a minimum of 20 % cash back at the end of the year if no accidents?
I purchased a car 2 days ago from a dealership and it's already broke down.?4cheesy doo doop 2012-04-27 05:13:35
I called the dealer and told them that was running hot every time I tried to drive and the guy said that was running hot when he led the well.My question to you all is: " I ​​guess the dealer for let him know how bad car befor you buy it ? "
What will happen if you leased a new car and could not afford the insurance and returned it 2 days later to the dealership1frog2012-04-15 08:40:25
What will happen if you leased a new car and could not afford the insurance and returned it 2 days later the dealership
Dealership is refusing to give me plates?1culittinpiky 2012-05-14 08:38:46
I traded my old car and bought a new car from a dealer, the 12/20 . I told them I was not sure if he had the title of my old car at the time, but it would look and that was all that was mentioned in it. Also, I paid for my license and registration on the new vehicle at the time of purchase. I could not find the title. A month later, asked if I could come and sign the paperwork for a duplicate title because I sold the old car and let me know that the plates were so I could pick them up at once. Since I live about 40 minutes I asked if I could send the document to sign. I said no, because they need to obtain payment for the duplicate title. I do not think I have to pay for it and told them I was not sure if I did, and never mentioned that I have to pay the fee to get a new front. Now the dealer is holding my plates and refuses to give me, if I have to pay for them to get a duplicate title in the old car . Can they do that ?
Is a dealership required to give you new tags?2Andre2012-05-01 19:08:35
I bought a used truck from a dealer and I realized I had expired tags. Is it the obligation of dealers to buy new tags or I have to buy myself? They are the labels associated with registration? I thought I could get the labels when I get my record , but it has been over a month and I havent got either
Once you buy a car from a car dealership or from bidding on a car, do they give u one month insurance?1Misty T2012-10-23 20:36:03
Like after buying the car, not the dealer give ua insurance month or week 2? so u can look around for sure once u buy the car ? once you buy the car , I can have a bit of paper saying I'm looking for insurance and gives me a certain date should be no WHT ? Once you buy a car , I wanna ride it home at least , even without insurance. lol!
Can a dealership take your car back?2Veronica2012-06-28 11:18:03
My boyfriend bought a car. Put all the money he wanted for the payment. Second went to the office and signed all the financial papers to her mother, who is the cosginer signed all his papers. They said congratulations on your new car , blah , blah is in my name and he has been dating for over a week. Today the dealership calls and says he needs to BC again found that does not have enough money for the car! He makes enough to pay otherwise would not have agreed to the payments if he knew he could not . He said he could not afford to over 300 a month and payments are 290 ... what is going on here ? ? Help .. I need someone to explain this to me so maybe you can help
Can I take my car back to the dealership?6� ~* ho�nY D�viL *~ � 2012-03-20 14:06:39
Ok , so I'll try to make this short and sweet. May 1st Mustang I bought last week at a used car dealer . I had a cleaning inspection of the dealer in August. I get home and realize that there is no taking of the right front turn signal so it does not work. The guy who I have to work on my cars, said it appears that the car has been in an accident, but has a clean carfax . No problem , I'm sure that sank just do not report. So, my engine light appears today ... The merchant at first wanted to also help me with the light until threatend to bring the courts or the police. He did not know about the subject of the engine, as it closed when it appeared. Right now I am angry and want nothing to do with them . I am financing the car with a payment of $ 800. Would he take the car and out of this deal and get my 800 back?

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