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Wats a clear title (exactly?0mmm good2012-06-21 19:13:52
I bought a car two weeks ago , the owner sighned on the title to me, but now I'm in a financial situation and need a car loan tilde in it , I can still get it?
Why get title insurance if one has a warranty deed - If i validate that the seller has title insurance then I can lean on him AND his title insurance company to clear up the title issues. Right3Valerie2011-12-18 23:24:13
Why get title insurance if you have a warranty deed - If I can validate that the seller has title insurance then I can lean on him and his title insurance company to clarify the issues of the title. right
Does title insurance cover property line disputes (not clear title) when there is no survey available?0kuwaiti2012-08-03 00:52:02
I bought my house 14 years ago, as I go to sell my neighbor tells me a portion of my driveway and backyard are encroaching on his land. He has a survey showing this and I am getting my own survey to validate., however if I give him this land, my driveway is unusable. This driveway has been the same since the house was buiult 45 years ago. I did not have a survey when I bought the house but have a title insurance policy.
How can I obtain a clear title for my property to purchase title insurance?0Marche2012-08-29 21:15:03
My father bought a plot in 2005 and had a warranty deed signed , notarized and filed with the county . My father let me have the property to build a new house , once the house was finished writing I transferred to my name , I am now trying to learn to get a equity loan to repay the loan he had taken prior to homebut build my own problem is that my father bought the property in March 1 property owners wanted back in the 70s . Is it a fairly common issue ? Now I have a title company I'm working , but they want me to get a special warranty deed signed by the two deceased , other heirs of the owners , but not respond to all the letters that I mail ? What I can or should I do ? I really need to get the loan , but my lender will not approve without title insurance .
Title lien find out if a title is clear?0Alyna2012-07-09 02:04:02
My stepfather was hospice care when he took a personal loan from his brother to go on holiday end. I think I may have put something in the title to his car, but do not know how to find ou this brother has the title, but the insurance company said he saw no lien. I guess the deal was that my mother back the money with the insurance money, but she never knew about the deal. Do you have to pay this money, even with a lien. Can you transfer the car on your behalf with the lien on the title.
When you pay off your car and get a clear title?0Judith2012-05-09 23:17:42
that you keep the dealers under the contract and support lein paperwork or what you throw away
What is a "clear title"? What does "no liens" mean?5Joan2012-06-05 15:20:40
This refers to the purchase of a vehicle.
I am about to sell a car I own. I have a clear title to it. What must I do?0[email protected] G |/|()||3y 2012-05-07 17:55:12
I wonder what I do to sell the car. Should I sign the title or something ? Or just give the buyer? It is a Buick Regal 81. It works great ! Thanks for any insight .
What does it mean when a car title is clear and what other kinds of car titles are there?1Shadow Of Your Soul$ - Xoide 2012-05-29 12:10:36
What does it mean when a car title is clear and what other types of securities cars there ?
Clear title but owe money with a kick?1Natividad2012-04-30 18:22:00
Ok I went to the local dealer and wanted a vehicle. Dealer said we have to fund with this bank and signed the papers . Two years later I moved to another state and my tags have expired. Needs of New title sent through the bank, as it has a lien on it. I called and was told the bank since electronic age it would take 3 weeks to fax a copy. I waited 4 weeks and again called the bank and they said I was having trouble getting the title. I called the DMV in the state of legal age to view the title and they said they could not release the title to the bank because the bank was not in the title. DMV said they sent me an email title was clear to my old address, I can not remember what I ask to get a duplicate title . DMV sends me a clear title and the new state to go to DMV to register vehicles. They asked me if I owed money and I said yes . I showed them the copy of the contracts to prove that I paid taxes. In the end, said that since the bank was not in the contracts could not leave them as a lien and published my other clear title. Although we have title in hand with my name on it and not lien I called back to the bank asking why you can not get a copy of the title and give me the same answer, " we are having problems the working paper :. What if I sold the car? I have title in hand and signed the loan documents , bank information without them. Dealer of the leg in the paperwork and the bank still has not given me a reason why you can not fax over a copy of the title. Not sure if I know I have the title or not. What would you do ?
Car with Clear Title, but Salvage history? Help?0Beccalynn2012-04-26 04:23:10
I was thinking of buying this car for pretty cheap. At the cross roads of their sample that was recovered 10 years ago , but now has a clear title , when registered in New Jersey with a couple of different owners . So my question is I have a problem of registration of this car with a new title in New York? DMV view the Carfax history and make me fill out all forms and pay for a salvage inspection ? Please let me know THX
How to make a salvage car title clear?3Natividad2012-03-28 01:40:38
My car was stolen from me and was recovered unharmed except for an interior completely destroyed. Everything from the seats, carpet, dash, etc needed to be replaced by the insurance company . The cost of doing so exceeded that of the car so it in turn reached . I decided to by the car back and fix it on my own. It sounded like a great idea at the time . But now 6 months down the road I want a new car and need to sell it . This car now has a " rebuilt " title due to the insurance company totaling it and I am finding it very difficult to sell because no one even looking at him , and says " rescue." Now I do not want anyone of fraud in any way , shape or form and plan of dissemination of the history of the cars to all potential buyers . I just want the title to appear so clear that people at least take a look at a car that has been well taken car, runs great , has never been in an accident and get a reasonable amount for it. Note : the title was clear before it was stolen.

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