Does insurance charge if you take off a cast yourself? related questions

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Does insurance charge if you take off a cast yourself?0Doctor Who2012-06-20 12:24:50
I have insurance anthem blue cross. I guess I get removed in a few days , but my ankle feels like its raw state. So when I try to walk their painful . Is insurance charge are taking on my own?
Adding layers onto my cast?1Corrine2018-01-24 17:43:13
I have waterproof mold is cut in two weeks. Bone feels healed , but I need that extra time to make sure it will not be easy to re-injury . I've noticed some soft spots that I can only attribute to daily showers warm soapy . I would make the deal more durable to survive increased activity during the stretch. I 'm clever , and you have used gel glue to reinforce the edges and wet sand paper to smooth the surface to prevent snagging on clothing. I am concerned about the additional physician visit , because I have no insurance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is : MedlinePlus If I can sort and correctly apply another layer of fiberglass tape release my cast, eclipse or angering the doctor? Your work will not be altered , only reinforced . Having him what would be a visit of at least $ 400. For me to use my own ingenuity mean the same result for about $ 30.
How much would getting a cast cost me in the US with and without insurance?0caiman, cayman2012-05-26 05:01:47
I am a U.S. citizen to study in Canada. Sunday, I broke my wrist playing football. I saw a sports medicine doctor on Monday, who sent me for x-rays and informed me that he had a fracture. He told me to go to hospital to get an appropriate sharing . The fracture clinic was closed for the day so I went to the emergency room , where I wrapped it and took a radiograph. I saw an orthopedic specialist this morning I put my fracture (ideally it should be entered immediately after the incident and had since then) , after which he led to another series of x-rays to check for configuration worked . The prognosis is good. I do not pay a penny of it , as I am covered by the Health Insurance Plan of the University, that all international students in Ontario to achieve, as the Health Insurance Plan covers only Ontario residents, anything under UHIP is covered by OHIP . I have curiosity , what would the cost have been had this happened in the U.S. , with and without insurance? thanks
Does Aetna insurance cover a walking boot/cast?6Male2018-05-17 19:30:50
Aetna 's insurance covers a cast or walking boot air ?
My husband has a broken ankle and is need of a cast but doesn't have insurance. Where can we get help?0Yammy2012-06-01 15:58:09
My husband has a broken ankle and the need for a deal, but no insurance. Where can we get help?
Can anyone help me with exercises to start gaining ROM in my fingers after cast was removed?0Destini2012-07-15 01:10:02
I broke the third metacarpal head and broke the second also had a severe laceration requiring 10 stitches , my hand was beaten by a hand crank winch fully wound . after many weeks in a cast , which was removed and my fingers are caught in the same way they were in the cast that I have weakness and pain in my wrist too even though I hurt my wrist. I got a REFER to go physial therapy , but had to wait a week for an evaluation of my hand. I was told that my insurance is dragging its feet and I can not be seen until you get approval for the treatment of his affair with the paperwork, but in the meantime im afraid, my hand is still stiff and painful terrably , weak, and do not know what to do. I called my doctor and told me to use it , how? Well , I'm trying , but I'm getting nowhere . 2 of their status and a half weeks and I feel like ive been left to fend for myself. ive been squeezing a soft sponge, and trying to use it normally , washing , brushing hair , etc. but I am in pain when I try to do something with my hand. I do not know how hard to push or do anything properly when you no longer want to do more damage to it. can someone whose been through this before, please help me until I can get into ptThank you ! !
I have just had my plaster cast off- what can I expect in terms of recovery time and pain?0Kerry-Ann2012-10-02 15:27:02
I had a motorcycle accident 12 weeks ago and broke my tibia in 3 places . I've had the cast today and my advisor was typically vague about recovery . I just want to hear from anyone who has had a similar injury and how quickly recovered. I drive for a living so the time it took people to get back behind the wheel and how I can do ? Should I tell my insurance company ?
Why do medical billing agencies charge people more than they would charge an insurance company?2Nattie2012-08-30 20:59:02
Some time ago I was receiving physical therapy. I had the impression that the sessions were covered by my insurance. After 20 sessions took billed me for 6 of which were not covered. And to top it off they charged me almost exactly 4 times the amount that would have billed my insurance company. Does anyone know why would he do that ? It seems unethical and immoral to me.
Can my employer retroactively charge me for insurance premuims when they forgot to charge me for 3 months?2vicuna2012-06-05 23:27:23
My employer has been forgetting to take premium costs for our group health plan from January 1 this year. They realized what was happening , when we recently switched to a new plan with the cost of higher premiums. Now they want me to pay retroactively for the cost of insurance plan premiums of age and are not in the . Can they do this legally?
What is a Finance Charge? Are auto insurance companies supposed to charge it?0Kristine2012-06-21 21:03:18
AAA I have insurance for my car. I had for them last year and they were fine , I paid the same amount each month. Now that I sent my renewal invoice and tell me that if I
Can I charge A photo fee if the opposing insurance co. ask me for photos? Also, can I charge a fee for milage?0Valerie Belegit2012-10-06 08:11:01
The ins otherwise. Co. becomes the same coinsurance . Like mine . The accident was not my fault 100% and contrary ins . Co. asked if I had a picture of the commercial vehicle was driving his client . Also, what I can charge for the cost of gas , mileage , etc. In the claim . I had to travel to a repair shop for a quote for the repair of my car , which was parked when he was beaten . thx
If it's OK to charge men more for auto insurance, why isn't it OK to charge women more for medical insurance?0Casie2012-08-01 03:58:02
I realize that both are legal, but not the arguments of the same ? Male drivers who cause costly damage in car accidents and female patients have more expensive health problems ? However, I have NEVER seen a list of health coverage plans for any employer I've worked separately by gender. Both men and women the same amount alloated from which to select their coverage plans. Why one is right and not the other?

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