Taking my car off the road for 6mths will i lose my no claim bonus if i cancel my insurance? related questions

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Taking my car off the road for 6mths will i lose my no claim bonus if i cancel my insurance?1Chucky2012-06-22 10:08:06
Taking my car 6mths road I lose my bonus without complaint if I cancel my insurance?
If cancel car insurance will i lose my no claims bonus?6VaNiLlA 2012-05-03 18:30:14
had to leave the car, but would like to know if there is any way to cancel my car insurance without losing my not exclude claims
(UK) do you lose your no claims bonus if you put your car off road?0Christia2012-05-18 09:41:33
... on the ground with a SORN for a couple of months?
Car insurance claim Will i lose no claims bonus?8Doris2011-12-28 10:48:01
Ok , so it crashed into the back of someone who has your bumper fixed and I got a letter from my insurance company, but does that mean I lose my bonus without complaints?
Will I lose my no claim bonus if I switch to another insurer now?1modal verb2012-05-21 11:45:34
I have been assured by a company for 8 months to date . I just found another insurance company much cheaper (100 EUR more expensive) than today, so I'm thinking about changing . On the other hand I would not lose those 8 months. So my question is if I can change the 8 -month stay so you can have just one year after 4 months with the new insurer or lose 8 months and start again from 0 ? thank you very much
If you have a claim pending and you renew your insurance do you lose your no claims bonus?1Benjamin2012-01-18 20:06:11
I made a complaint of a potential claim on a car that invests in , but the driver has not submitted a claim in the last three months and I think it is very likely going to make a claim as he may not have insurance
Will I lose my No Claims Bonus?0Llama gone Bonkers 2012-05-01 14:52:33
I was in an accident that was not my fault at all. I was hit while stationary. although I'm assuming that everything will be claimed on the woman who hit me insurance , someone told me today that have not lost my no claims regardless .. Is this true ?
Will I lose my No claims Bonus?5Crai2012-07-17 21:59:02
My insurance ran out in October and I havent got round of the classification so far. I had 4 years with no claims bonus when it ran out , does that still stand with the new insurance company even though there is a gap of 2 months?
Stolen Car - Do you lose No Claims Bonus?6Bramwell2012-05-04 22:13:32
Hello In 2005 the car was stolen. I complained to the police and informed the insurance company that I canceled my insurance and has a refund. Does this count as bonus without losing my claims? I did not claim that I just canceled !
Do you lose your no claims bonus when you have a company car?2__only ↑ pro. 2012-01-11 22:12:46
My husband had won four years no claim on his personal car, in October 2007 received a company car and was put on the insurance company . If in future you need to get a new staff car has lost its bond with no complaints?
Will i lose my years no claims bonus?0Allen Turner Love's Pussy 2012-04-26 04:18:02
I bought a new car, pick me up on 23 March. My insurance expires early March 27. Is it necessary to change the details of the car in the politics of those 4 days and then cancel the policy and renew with a new company or I can start a new policy with 1 year no claims on March 23 , or the years I have not claimed as a matter of three days ! thanks
Do you lose your no claims bonus if your car has been set on fire?7Susie2012-04-03 20:07:07
Do you lose no claims bonus if your vehicle has been burnt ? I have 6 years NCB and I'm with Hastings Direct .

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