Can i give a fake report card to the insurance company? related questions

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Can i give a fake report card to the insurance company?1V2012-09-02 11:29:02
I changed my report card to show my parents good grades. Now I want my report card to send to the insurance company. I send a fake or what should I do
It's report card time, what letter grade do you give Obama in these categories?0Surya2012-08-30 16:24:03
1 - MedlinePlus sound monetary policy 2 - Housing reform Fanny and Freddie crisis MedlinePlus 3 - Banks and Wall Street bailout MedlinePlus 4 - GM bankruptcy sale of Chrysler to Fiat MedlinePlus 5 - provide incentives and remove barriers to employers to hire new workers and lower unemployment 6 - Cut the deficit to reduce wasteful spending and make smart investments in our economic future MedlinePlus 7 - MedlinePlus energy policy 8 - BP oil spill and the moratorium on offshore drilling MedlinePlus 9 - reform of health care, controlling health care inflation, reducing the number of uninsured Americans, 10 - Make people pay their fair share to reduce the free rider problem in a minority of people pay all costs, while a growing minority and as close to the majority of Americans pay nothing MedlinePlus 11 - Middle East stabilizes the reduced conflict between Marxist / fascist radical Islam and the free world MedlinePlus 12 - Russian political MedlinePlus 13 - China's policy MedlinePlus 14 - North Korea MedlinePlus 15 - Iran MedlinePlus 16 - Israel and the Palestinians MedlinePlus 17 - education policy to control costs while providing young adults the tools they need to succeed MedlinePlus 18 - warming MedlinePlus 19 - race relations within the U.S. 20 - MedlinePlus illegal immigration 21 - transparency MedlinePlus 22 - increase the size of the middle class by reducing the number of people in poverty 23 - MedlinePlus reduced government / private cronyism, collusion and corruption 24 - War on Terror MedlinePlus 25 -. Building stronger relationships with our allies, while reform, control and discourage aggressive action of our enemies MedlinePlus 26 - MedlinePlus overall rating MedlinePlus That's a lot of categories which enumerate only give Obama an A and those who give an F and the general level of his presidency, in general,
Do you have to submit your report card to the car insurance company?0S.S.2012-08-23 13:45:03
I'm a freshman in college and my dad is doing things for me car insurance . my GPA is less than 3.0 , so I do not see why I have to present it , but my dad keeps asking . I think they just want to see my grades . lol . MedlinePlus Just wondering if I really need to add one , or else I will not.
Would the car insurance company call the school to verify a report card?2liza2012-07-02 21:29:02
So those good grade discounts with the auto companies, do they call schools to verify that the parents aren't lying about their kids?
How do I report a fake web site?1Sharon Williams2012-08-10 19:15:03
I was thinking of buying an RV and the salesman suggested I use a yahoo website ..... I suspect this is a website scam.the is ? / Insurance / autos.html . Who do I report this to ?
Fake insurance card?2Alberta2012-07-01 22:09:03
I've heard of people making false insurance cards to fool the DMV and get the car registered here in CA? any work for the DMV .. How do away w / this ? It is even checked .
Got hit by another car but he gave me a fake insurance card. what can i do?20Akron Oh2018-11-22 00:33:09
I have your VIN number . If I find the paper plate I can do anything . I think this guy was an immigrant
How can i get a fake insurance card online??8Gabrielle2012-04-30 07:42:16
a friend told me I could and I have to get my car registered!
Can you fake an insurance card or change the date on the one you have?8Taylor2017-11-21 21:25:43
I just faxed before taking the car insurance.My broke, so let the insurance lapse and I was unemployed.
Fake Insurance card for court in ILLINOIS?8Shreya2018-02-05 08:07:43
I was pulled over in May for having 2 different plates on my car. I was given a ticket for no proof of insurance. Do they call your insurance company to varify it is valid and the date it was effective when you go to court?? I know people who have used fake cards and got away with it, but im nervous they now check if its valid since alot of people have been caught as fraud.
How to make a fake auto insurance card?0stepahnie2012-07-26 21:41:02
No, not what you think. My father moved to a new neighborhood, and in order for me to get a sticker to let me in the door , I have to show proof of insurance with the direction of new homes. The problem ? Insurance is the name of my mother who lives elsewhere and where does it qualifies to let me in and out of this neighborhood. I have the actual insurance , but I can not change the direction of new housing , because she will not let me .
Can I take my report card instead?0Bonnie2012-05-02 22:26:09
I'm taking my permit test and told me I had to get a form from my school to take the test. I talked to someone who has already been tested and they said they could only take my card monitoring report of the DPS office and would be the verification for landing the role of the school office . Not sure, but if you can do that? It is also the driving test hard ? I am extremely nervous , probably on - think about this ? Help !

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