I purchased a new vehicle 08 suburban not even a year ago.I cannot afford it anymore.What are my options? related questions

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I purchased a new vehicle 08 suburban not even a year ago.I cannot afford it anymore.What are my options?0Yumiko2012-06-18 16:11:05
¿ I can go back to the dealership ? I know I 'm going to have bad credit , but what I can do?
If I purchased a new car a year ago that I can't afford can I give it back to the dealership?2qumeria2012-08-10 13:59:02
If I bought a new car a year ago I can not pay what I can return to the dealership ?
In CA: can you do a voluntary repo for a vehicle purchased a year ago and no longer runs?2 2012-02-16 17:39:58
How bad is it on your credit? The vehicle was purchased less than a year ago, but has major problems and is not currently running. It was purchased used (7 years), without any warranty. Still owe $ 4000 on it, but the blue book is $ 1500 and will require about $ 2000 to fix all their problems. What should I do? It has been sitting for 3 months broken and do not.
The at fault driver hit my rear suburban tire No damage to my vehicle but the front of her car is What do I do1Hulda2012-04-24 19:26:58
The guilty driver hit my rear tire suburban No damage to my vehicle, but the front of your car is what I can do
Can you cancel an employees health insurance if you can not afford to pay for it anymore0Bersh2011-12-20 01:14:53
Can I cancel health insurance for workers if you can not afford to pay for it
When you can't afford premiums on a life insurance policy anymore, can you cash it in for a %?1Kimberley2012-07-17 23:16:02
... or is all the money they invested disappeared
Life insurance policy was purchased 24 yrs ago and the company is now closed. What are my options?1Blaine2012-06-24 16:55:33
I learned through the BBB that the company has closed and there was no forwarding address or phone numbers left for the company. The policy pays up to 25 years old, but now I'm trying to find information to take over 'm realizing that the company is closed. I have the intention to contact the state insurance department tomorrow, but what are my options legally? Does the company have to legally transfer my policy or do have to ensure my policy in the case of the company into bankruptcy ? What happens now ?
What are my options if I can't afford physical therapy?0Darius2012-05-27 02:23:33
I just finished going through a reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament on Tuesday 3/13 . I started my first physical therapy session yesterday which cost me $ 60 copay . I am a student and I'm supposed to come in twice a week for the next six weeks and I have to pay $ 60 every time. There is no way I can afford this. Is there any way that you can still recover well without treatment or may minimize once a week ? Changed therapy centers to make a difference ? Please help !
I can't afford cobra insurance; what are my other options? Thank you!?1 vows: Ping â¿´ 2012-06-10 23:49:41
I'm at work serves as a compensation and my employer cancel my health insurance without telling me. The insurance company let me know after the fact. Now I have some insurance claims that have not been paid and I can not afford COBRA insurance . Do I have options ? Thank you !
In Michigan do you still need to keep paying insurance if you do not own a vehicle anymore2Egber2012-04-11 23:43:57
In Michigan not you still have to keep paying insurance if you do not own a vehicle
I purchased a vehicle.?5׷PsYcHo-PuNk�� 2012-10-02 02:43:02
I need to know if the vehicle has a copy of the registration fee payment .
Not sure if i have to report my first purchased vehicle?0giant salamander2012-04-28 21:53:16
I bought a used 2007 Nissan Sentra earlier this year made a couple of payments on the same cap that ended up being recovered due to lack of payment I have no vehicle or me. Do I have to report. Or who do I have to let you know that I have no vehicle ? The DMV? Lots of information will certainly help first time buyer of an Epic Fail Thanks if you need more information as it certainly would appreciate a more detailed response as possible, if the email I like dirtymutt34@yahoo.com

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