What car insurance company would you recommend for a 17 year old user? related questions

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What car insurance company would you recommend for a 17 year old user?2Nepal2012-09-13 01:22:04
i was based on his experiences with the service , prices, and overall experience of it. by the way , I live in New Jersey. thank you very much , I just want to plan a bit for my car .
Can you recommend a cheap car insurance company for a 25 year old?1lt2012-10-15 07:08:03
Can you recommend a company for cheap car insurance for a 25 year old ?
Can I get a reward if I tell the insurance company that another Yahoo! User plans to commit fraud?0Elizabeth2012-08-07 04:50:45
I saw a question on Yahoo! Answers someone planning to commit insurance fraud by submitting a false statement in relation to damage to a car. If I send the question and the user name for the major auto insurance companies can determine the true identity of the person from the Yahoo! username , stop fraud if the person is insured by them, and give me a prize? Or do I have to know the true identity of the person, not just the user name , to make the person in the insurance fraud investigators and get a reward?
My 16 year old needs a car, what would you recommend?6hook*up 2012-06-07 06:04:03
No sports car ( expensive insurance ), the JEEPS ( FLIP). You want something , but trust anything he will not feel like driving a NERD , but also something that is not going to try to kill themselves in ... to the background small is good! ! (LOL )
What car insurance would you recommend for a 17 year old?0Patiance2012-10-18 06:45:02
What I recommend car insurance for a year 17 ?
Does a health insurance company have the right to charge a drug user a higher insurance premium?0niecey2012-08-01 12:55:03
What kind of car would you recommend for a 17 year old first driver?0Burdette2012-06-12 12:13:01
I wonder what kind of car you would be better for me since I am a teenager and im begginner be my last next year, and I want to drive to school for what type of car and model year should I Wanted for a car that can be good in the insurance know my age still going to be high, but I need something that will not break my wallet is a single parent father , but he is a senior insurance is pretty cheap lol but I do not want to make your climb a lot, but what I had in mind is like a 1999 - 2002 VW beetle or a 2002 Camry to other cars that you could recommend for me would help thanks
I'm leaving the country for a year. What can I do about my car insurance? or what do you recommend?5Pearl2012-06-04 14:24:11
One idea was to get the lowest coverage as possible and continue with the insurance. The problem however is that it can be only three months back as the year here , but I really want to keep my car. Is there an insurance company out there that makes short-term policy of insurance? or I can leave the car here without insurance, but it's a bad idea? Please let me know your thoughts and advice. thanks !
Has anyone taken out Gap Year/Backpackers insurance and can recommend/warn me?0Lenno2012-06-03 04:12:09
Has anyone out Gap Year / Backpackers insurance and can recommend / advise me ?
Can you recommend car insurance for a 17 year old male who has just passed his test0Brian2012-01-05 02:06:03
Can you recommend a car insurance for 17 year old man who just passed her test
What affordable health insurance would you recommend for my uninsured 21 year old daughter?0Memories of your beauty2012-06-28 03:38:03
She works full time , but her employer charges an exorbitant amount of money for health insurance. I know there are many young people who have no health insurance , especially for the cost of insurance premiums high . But my daughter really needs it because she has some health problems that will stay with her for life .
Can you recommend a pet insurance company?0Luthe2012-05-20 19:37:47
I recently got a new puppy and was considering pet insurance . What did you use? Would you recommend ? I am looking for one that is reasonably priced and reliable, understandable policy has actually paid in a just claim , .....

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