Is any Truck with a Flatbed consider a "Commercial Vehicle" in CA / NV? related questions

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Is any Truck with a Flatbed consider a "Commercial Vehicle" in CA / NV?0Azn Princesst 2012-06-17 23:03:18
How important is the gross weight or does it simply because of having a flat surface that its truck a " commercial vehicle " and therefore subject to motor carrier rates , charges and requirements weigh that stop at the scale, need for commercial insurance and a trail of trash from others? < Br > Please respond by CA and NV separately because I believe that laws can be different. Thank you.
My parked car got hit by a flatbed truck from Maine. Info is left but I don't understand it?1Verna2012-03-16 15:31:26
I just found out today that the car parked right was beaten badly in the rear bumper. I do not think it's reparable and probably should be replaced. The person , I guess out of your information. It goes like " Bed Lic . Maine Q52557 ID # 1275776 and " do not know what information is, unfortunately, and I wonder if it is any relevant information. I wonder if I should call my insurance company or if I should resolve this with him. I 'm from New York and I'm hoping someone around Maine or someone who has knowledge can help me. I'm really starting this and I appreciate any help I receive. Thank you.
Where do I need to put the DOT stickers on my commercial vehicle? (What part of the truck?)?0vicuna2012-03-30 13:09:24
Where I have to put labels on my DOT commercial vehicle? (What part of the truck ?) ?
What is the average monthly insurance cost for a Box Truck or Commercial Vehicle?0Genessey2012-07-16 01:59:02
I prefer not to give any personal information from my company, so that someone can give me a monthly estimate box truck insurance ?
My husband got rear ended by a commercial semi truck on the freeway which caused the vehicle?1Linda2012-04-24 18:28:13
What caused the vehicle to flip several times and reached its vehicle.the firefighters had to remove the vehicle and transport it er.his injuries are pain neck and back and has started to see a such accidents , how would settle / sue?
Commercial vehicle insurance vs. private: do I count as a commercial driver?1Thailand2012-06-30 19:41:47
I work as a case manager for a nonprofit agency , most of my job to get clients to appointments, the grocery store , etc. On my insurance policy , he asks if I use my vehicle for the "use trade "which the following are examples of such as delivering pizza , taxi / limousine services, etc. Now, I know I have to consult my company to see if they offer liability coverage through the agency ( probably not) , but I have to ask: - In the opinion of people anyway YA, you consider my work to be covered by the term " commercial ? " - What is the difference, in general, insurance, commercial and private vehicles ? Trade is more expensive? I can not pay more, this is ridiculous.
Commercial truck insurance0Jame2012-03-19 11:03:53
Commercial Truck Insurance
How much does commercial truck insurance cost1sheep2011-12-19 01:47:11
How much commercial truck insurance
How much is commercial truck insurance Toronto?0Vientiane2012-04-29 16:36:21
How much commercial truck insurance in Toronto ?
How I can get information from the insurance company in the Comm . Whos garbage truck damaged my ? Sliding door on the back of the container is not closed until the end. Rocks and gravel flew the truck causing major damage to my car. I was 3 - 4 car lengths behind the truck. Owner fails to cooperate with me.please HELP ( incident occurred on the road to California) is the name of the Vehicle Insurance Information Public Registry of Commerce? HELP HELP HELP
What do you need to insure a commercial truck in new york?0Earl2012-05-01 15:00:47
I am trying to secure a commercial truck in New York for someone, but I'm not sure if I have to have a business license to ensure that another truck
Can a commercial truck driver pay child support?4Brandy2012-07-30 09:43:57
My baby - dad thinks he can not have your wages garnished because he has a CDL and OTR ! Is this true or it may still be forced to pay ?

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