I hit someone my brakes faild and they stopped and i stopped and i back up a little bit and i look over and? related questions

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I hit someone my brakes faild and they stopped and i stopped and i back up a little bit and i look over and?2Berto2018-11-14 05:33:33
that where did it go? What do I do ?
Front car suddenly stopped...pressed brakes hard to avoid accident..so the car behind me hit my car...the one.?8Chapman2012-06-23 06:10:15
beind hit his ... We exchange information .. except for the forehead running .. jusr no .. no damage Whose fault is
The jobcentre stopped my money but i have signed on monday and they stopped it tuesday 4 2weeks will i get pai?0Yvette2012-05-28 08:39:32
Thursday cn pay me stop my payment
How do I go about getting my motorcycle back from someone who has stopped paying me for it?0ammmyyy2012-07-25 15:17:03
I sold a motorcycle to a guy who agreed numerous times to pay it off by a given date but never did. I have no less than ten times been given dates it would be paid off. This last time we signed another agreement and he has once again not come through. Can I get a repo man to puck it up? I have the title, registration and insurance in my name. I'm in Wisconsin.
Back in 80 or 90 i was stopped for no motorcycle lin and no insurance if i go to az what will happen?0Linnie2012-10-25 20:57:37
What I can expect if I ever stop me in the court case appearred i left the next day
I drove into the back of someone who stopped on a blind bend?9Pamela2012-10-08 23:41:02
I live in the midfield and all roads are narrow and windy ! I was driving to work, and had just stopped a woman on a blind curve as I was walking ! I braked hard, but I stopped and went to the back of it. she said she was waiting for another car to pass , the roads are narrow, but plenty of space for two cars. the worst is that she knew who had beaten ! I followed the way of what must have been half a mile and stopped at his house, and she could not believe he had beaten her and she said she just thought her car was making a funny noise ! (If I did not know again that moved away from ) I'm not worried about my car is just a small slit in the hood. but she says her rear bumper re spray will replace possible after checking properly. I do not want to participate to get insurance, but do not see why I have to pay when im not in evil. I know that if you go to the back of someone's always your fault ! what makes me angry when I have not done anything wrong. And I was not driving fast before someone makes abusive comments ! I wonder if I have a case, etc? since you can not really afford this bill . And if I go through insurance that I have an excess of 500 pounds anyway ( stupid idea !)
My car stopped what can I do ?0Alexandra2012-05-25 23:37:42
Omg stopped! ! I thought I needed gas but I have a pioneer nop 2006 if it is important idk what to do? ?
Stopped getting my period?0Misca2012-07-13 23:19:01
The last period I had was in April. I used to drink hard liquor every other day, but I stopped a few days ago . I wonder if there is a possibility that I will start my period to get back if I do not drink more? I 'm asking here because I have no health insurance.
Floods can be stopped.?0thara2012-09-25 20:18:04
The reason I asked the silly question about floods and payment has become clear flood can stop just the amount of money that is going to be to stop it. In Holland I have worked for many years and have been to the Delta Project lots of times , this is a project that stops flood Holland i seriously think the government wants to take a serious look at it and then decide how to get one some money for all these poor people who have lost a large amount of personal property in the floods of the past do not let the insurance people only charge these people more money . PS the answer explenation superior good man , but all I'm doing is triing to turn right wrong.
Got stopped and had no insurance!?5Letitia2012-05-31 03:45:11
I got into an accident in which I backed into a car .... the carpet is stuck to the brakes and gas pressinginto and I kept the brakes all the time by pressing on the gas anyway .... I did 800 damage to my car and I'm not sure how damnage in someone else's car , but it was not serious. I was not sure ... I have a driver's license and have never had problems with having an accident so far. I have to go to court later next month. What wil happen. I know I need to have proof of insurance ... Will they take my license away? I live in North Carolina
A car hit me from behind after I suddenly stopped?4Barlo2012-10-22 05:37:54
It was not a persecutor who was chasing me down a path of about 5 or 6 feet behind my car . I sped down the anger that you get off , but I saw it accelerate. I figured it was going to start tailgating once again went the speed limit , so that jammed on the brakes and I hit the bumper. I'm not sure what to do now, because he says he does not " going to do nothing" and not clearly defined. He says he's been in enough accidents and whatever. I'm thinking he thinks he should not, because I jammed on the brakes of anger. Is it technically guilt and still hit my bumper and should have been able to react in time, or I have nothing because I jammed on the brakes of anger, it was not an emergency stop or something? I'm thinking about making things easier for us , once we get an estimate from my local auto shop , divide the bill by half since that technically should see how I react . If he still refuses to pay, what should I do ?
I keep get being stopped by the police........?7cheesy doo doop 2012-06-12 13:31:38
I recently bought a car without knowing the previous owner was convicted of drug offenses. As a result of this lm , now the target of the police. What should I do?

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