Who pays my deductible when my car accident was not my fault?

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Asked at 2012-01-10 11:28:56
I have heard, in case of accident is not your fault, you can avoid paying for their own deductible insurance go through the other driver, though it takes much longer.

Then I learned that if you go by your own insurance, and pay your own franchise , and it was not your fault , the other insurance company will reimburse .

Then I heard , you have to go through your own insurance company , you must pay your own franchise , and his money , although it was not your fault. Only after the chioce is to sue in small calims .

Which is true, that is the best way forward?
Answer1AngelAnswered at 2012-02-03 21:20:24
The insurance company of the other driver , if you have insurance , you must pay all damages and should not take long. There may be some delays, you have to establish fault , though.

If you use your own insurance, you should get back deductible if / when the company gets from the other, and can take time - twice the documentation.
Answer2He Hate Me Answered at 2012-02-21 06:03:07
Go through your own insurance company and pay the deductible. Will sign the papers , giving them the authority to go after the other insurance company. If and when collecting their money, they will ForWord deductible back for you. The best way to go. No hassle for you.
Answer3KarenAnswered at 2012-03-13 01:33:31
Every time you claim on your insurance - regardless of fault -
deductible .
If you can claim on someone else , no deductible .

If you are not at fault, your insurance company will try to recover the money from the other , or the safety of another person. If successful, we will refund your deductible.

Sue in court is not the best way to go - because even after receiving the judgment , you may not pay
The best way is through your own insurance, and hope to recover the money.
Answer4HanoiAnswered at 2012-03-13 22:32:54
It is true that you can avoid paying your deductible passing through the insurance company of the other party , but is expected to accept responsibility for the accident. If you go through your own insurance, in most cases you will pay the deductible. Some companies waive the deductible for the insured if it is determined that it was no fault of its insured (I know it is a AAA , at least for CA and NV). If insurance of the other party accepts the responsibility and who have gone through their own insurance and pay the deductible, some companies will reimburse you directly and others are refunded to your co-insurance and insurance reimburses you . I agree with the Irish that the best way forward would generally through insurance and the left front of the other company, especially if your car is not drivable or unsafe to drive . You might consider going straight through the other company if it is a very cut and dry accident , such as rear-ended (but even that may be complicated if it is a pile- type accident ). I think the only time I could not go through your insurance is if the amount of damage to your vehicle was less than the deductible. The most likely instance where you would go to small claims court if the other person would not have insurance. I know this is a little long , so I hope that answers your question .
Answer5GemmaAnswered at 2012-04-29 02:58:47
Your agent could have responded immediately if you had called , your adjuster should have explained . You pay the deductible to get the repairs done as soon as your insurance company gives its approval of the repair. Your insurer is subrogated against the other company. If and when they reach the solution, to reimburse the deductible.

Here's the problem . If you go directly to the other insurance company, and flatly refuse to pay , you are out in left field without a ball glove . If your insurance company goes to them , and they flatly refuse to pay, still cover you , and have lawyers to take the next level. That's part of why pay the premiums.
Answer6NicolaAnswered at 2012-05-28 09:21:56
You heard wrong. When an accident is the fault of the other Parties, your insurance will not pay anything , they do. Only time would get their insurance in question is whether the other person does not have insurance. Your company pays you (you pay the deductible) and goes after the person through the court. You will get your money back when the insurance company collects.
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