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Uninsured/inoperable car bylaw (Vancouver BC)?0infamous rj 2012-06-16 07:47:44
Anyone know what is the ruling in Vancouver? A man in the corner has 3 cars unlocked in your backyard (very rare in the city). At least one does not work at all , I'm not sure that the other two. He works on them sporadically. Two of them are ... I'm not sure that the third party belongs to ... which has just appeared and although it is to one side , is in the lane. I can not find the information online, but the city will ask about it after the long weekend .
How do i prove to the BMV that my car was inoperable?10.�*�.�i�LoVe�Sk8Er�GuYz�.�*�. 2018-07-24 20:31:15
Yesterday I received a " random selection " of the BMV notification indicates that I have to show proof of insurance for my vehicle. However, my car is working for a family friend since late December , knowing I would not get back for over a month and the money is so strong that I chose to not pay my insurance, while it is working ( as it would not be running). The BMV 's website says that you may be required to demonstrate safe (for date of February 11 in my case) if you have evidence that his car was inoperable, but I have no idea how to try this! Perhaps a work order for my friend? Or take him as a witness ? I even tried to contact my insurance company to see if I could pay for the entire month of February retroactive , but would not let me . I am very nervous because the first offense penalty is to lose my license for 90 days! I think it's unfair because all the laws I've seen has said that you will have problems if you drive a vehicle without insurance and I do not work at all without coverage! I have insurance now, but my only options are to show that was secured on 11 February or prove that my vehicle was inoperable. Any ideas ?
Do I have to inform the DMV about a car that is now inoperable?1Wilpan2012-04-02 12:33:57
My vehicle has recently been declared a total loss in California and never work again. What should I do in terms of registration for the car? Should I send the renewal notice with a payment of PNO or do nothing ?
DMV forms Inoperable Vehicle questions?0Irene2012-06-15 15:33:13
one of my trucks broke down before he lost his license for 2 years pass. I did not know about the lodging of this until I read it on craigslist . What happens if I file late? since I lost my license I have to do i even have to submit now?
Do I need insurance for an inoperable vehicle if I do not hold the title?0jamey2012-07-03 16:23:01
I have a vehicle for which the title held by the bank. Recently became inoperative, and we are working on getting it repaired. Meanwhile, I have to pay for insurance on the vehicle ?
Random proof of insurance letter, how to prove car was inoperable?0eyvonne2012-10-13 09:15:03
My clutch on my old car went out sometime earlier this month so I parked the car in my garage and didn't drive it as I was gonna buy another car anyways. I had my friend who is an ASE Certified mechanic come over and check the car and verified that the clutch went out and he said he would fix it sometime. So I bought another car on July 2nd and added it to my policy and took my old car off the policy mid July as it has been sitting in my garage. Fast forward 3 weeks later I get a random proof of insurance letter for my old car for July 25th. I can get exempt if I prove that the car was inoperable at least 30 days prior to July 25th. Does that mean that my car had to be inoperable sometime BEFORE June 25?? Do I have to have it proved inoperable at an auto shop or would a letter from my ASE Certified mechanic suffice? He did come out to my house to verify the clutch went out and I told him it didn't matter when the car had to be fixed as I already purchased another car. What do I do?
Health Insurance vancouver?0Charlotte2012-05-14 13:34:06
Hi I have question im now on maternity leave from work and my company email me if you want to continue my health insurance at my job and pay them $ 67 a month, do you really need this insurance or my MSP cover all my expenses in the hospital because my advice pls ? need help
How much is car insurance in Vancouver, BC Canada?0BRIJ2012-10-14 10:56:26
Also, your plan premium car if you are only using the car for school ( depending on the distance of the place is at home) , shopping, working , and walking the dog ( parks are too far) ? I do not live in Vancouver so far, but soon will be. I need insurance for my first car .
Need facts for Vancouver BC Canada?0RAJAN2012-10-02 04:09:02
I'm coming home to Canada and need to know more about Vancouver ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the unemployment rate ? MedlinePlus minimum wage? MedlinePlus minimum wage is different for immigrants ? MedlinePlus legal or not ? price of gas ? MedlinePlus Insurance ? example , 30 years female / male 25 years ( without insurance for years so it would be safe for the first time again) MedlinePlus How much is the monthly bus pass ? MedlinePlus How much per month is the nursery ? MedlinePlus average bills in a month for a family with a child ? How much is your cable / internet bill? MedlinePlus the amount of monthly medical care ? MedlinePlus *** How much is a fishing license ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you very much . I'm looking for a general idea of ​​what to expect and what to save before making the move . MedlinePlus Thank you. J
What is the best Health Insurance in vancouver ?0Larry(please look at this one, ignore posted)2012-07-23 13:35:02
What is the best health insurance in Vancouver? I'm an international student planning to stay here in Vancouver for the next 5 years. I just want to know the people who live here and there to experience what is the best health insurance ? Thanks guys for the help :) cheers
Can I drive from Ohio to Vancouver bc?2Ena2012-01-30 20:31:54
Hi all. I'm trying to plan right ahead of what should be done in the future. In 2013 I would like to go somewhere that has more opportunities. I'm wondering if it is possible for me to get a new car and drive all the way to Vancouver BC in Ohio? I'm not kidding. I am very serious . I want all my stuff shipped to Vancouver , BC. How I can have my things and sent the furniture at a decent price ? PS I 'm not going to get rid of my furniture and things. They are very important to me. PLEASE HELP and give honest and intelligent answer . :)
Good pediatricians in Vancouver, Washington?0songyi2012-07-09 12:45:01
Moved here in November and really need to find a pediatrician for my 4 year-old. I want a very kid-friendly doctor in a good office, but it has to take the state insurance. Oh! If you have a bead on a good kids' dentist too, that would be great (prefer one who won't try to drill my kid full of holes, she has good teeth, just needs a checkup).

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