I am a duel resident i have a florida drivers license and ohio plates is that illeagle? related questions

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I am a duel resident i have a florida drivers license and ohio plates is that illeagle?0Alice2012-06-15 16:03:53
I am a resident of mourning that has a drivers license in Florida, but I have Ohio plates is illeagle
Do you have to be a Florida resident to get a Florida drivers license?2Furter 2012-06-13 14:37:31
I want to get a driving license in Florida, but I live in Maryland. What I have to be a resident of one? I have a house in Florida I just do not live there. if I had to change my residence , how I can do that thanks !
How much will it cost to transfer from Ohio drivers license to Florida drivers license?0El2012-03-20 17:46:36
How much is the cost of driving license transfer from Ohio to Florida drivers license?
I go to school and am a resident of Ohio but I moved to Kentucky, do I need to get a Kentucky drivers license?1Canti2011-12-28 21:07:32
I am a resident of Ohio and I go to the University of Cincinnati. I moved to Kentucky this year due to its less dangerous. I need to know if there is a specific law that states that do not need to register my car in Kentucky or get a drivers license in Kentucky. It's something that takes a lot of money and time to do just to park in my neighborhood.
Just bought a car with ohio license plates ... How much would it cost to change them to california plates?0The Dark Network 2012-04-29 20:03:42
Just buy a car with Ohio plates ... How much does it cost to change plates california ?
Do you need to be a resident of canada to get license plates for your car?1exclamation2012-01-10 19:12:13
Okay so I am American married to my Canadian husband bought me a car ( which does not have a permit) and I'm in the process of becoming a perminant resident , do I have to wait to pass through the plate of my car? I have no all the time in the world so I wonder ....
If a person buys a car in Florida for someone living in Indiana do they have to have Florida license plates?2Mil2012-08-07 05:21:02
This car was purchased in New York from Florida over the phone of a person in Indiana. Had to be done that way because the person needs a car, and your credit was bad. What can you do to keep the plate , insurance paid in Indiana?
How much do ohio license plates cost?1Ducky 2012-04-04 04:13:55
How Ohio license plates cost?
I'm a Florida college student and Iowa Resident. How should I register a vehicle bought in Florida?0kite2012-02-24 20:16:39
I prefer the bike shop here in Florida that was registered in Iowa . If you end up being easier to register in Florida instead of Iowa , how should I do ?
What's the penalty for having improper license plates on a car in Ohio?2Duk2012-06-21 03:34:00
For example, if you own two cars, and use the plates of a car in the other car. I am not referring to the plates - say two stolen cars that belong to you and you are using the wrong plates on a vehicle that you own.
Will my parents receive yellow license plates for my DUI in Ohio?0Dinah2012-05-06 14:09:34
So long story short I got my DUI second in less than 6 years in Ohio. About 5 years 6 months from the last . My policy and the vehicle are still under my parents name . What I'm asking is that the plates are yellow for my mistake ? * If you want to go on a rant with my idiocy please , save it. Im well aware .
In Ohio, are there late fees & penalties regarding license plates?2marmot2012-05-10 19:10:01
OK, here's the deal : We traded in our old truck to a dealership and buy a new truck. It took the dealer until September to take the title memorandum for the new truck , and my husband just put on file without telling me what we got , so I forgot to change the registration plates of the old to the new truck . I realized this when I went online to renew my registration. Now I'm worried about late fees and penalties. What should I do ?

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