Does it make sense to have a higher collision deductible than your premium? related questions

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Does it make sense to have a higher collision deductible than your premium?1CASTBOUND 2012-07-06 23:18:07
I am looking for an insurance provider of new car and I'm not really sure how some things work . Does it make sense to have a higher deductible collision that her cousin ? Also, if you renew your policy before the end of all your deductibles to start over and you have to pay again before you pay anything , as if it were a new policy? I hope you can understand my questions. Thank you !
Health Insurance: what's better higher premium/low deduct or lower premium/high deductible?1 rise to kiss you -2012-08-31 16:18:02
I am self-employed and required to purchase health insurance . In fact , I've been without it for a year. I have 29 years of age. I recently started having pain in the neck without explanation (can not find the cause ), so I started looking at the plans. I went online and find some. Many had high deductibles, but low premiums . But the thought was that it was better the higher premium and $ 0 deductible and coinsurance % 0. I know I will immediately see a doctor and can even request an x-ray or MRI, uninsured could cost thousands. In any case , this plan is also month to month so it seemed the best option (and was rated very high among the users). Technically, you could save a $ 1000 and have a lower premium , but as the month to month I would not have to have secure long if somehow you can not pay the premium. I am very little lost with this health and have not had much guidance from those around me . Did I possibly make the right decision . Indeed , health is the cornerstone of this . $ 254 per month , 0 % coinsurance , deductible of $ 0, month / month. I just found a good plan and some things are too good to be true you cautious. That's another reason I resisted.
Does it make sense to pay for collision insurance on a 2003 Acura MDX with 68,000 miles?0Morto2012-05-23 14:32:54
Does it make sense to pay for collision insurance on the 2003 Acura MDX with 68,000 miles?
Pay deductible or have higher premium with no deductible?1Kelvina2012-06-09 09:55:33
Deductible payment or have a higher premium with no deductible ?
Would it make sense if the government offered everyone a free high deductible plan for free?1Edmonda2012-08-21 04:55:02
In other words, after paying the $ 5,000 deductible , the government would pay the rest of your bills. 5K, could support a family to declare bankruptcy And I do not think I would put the GVT in debt - not too much.
Got into car collision, depressed ever sense..?0HELP??????? thanks!2012-09-22 17:54:06
Hey guys , sorry if this is in the wrong category . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and day 16 was driving my car and go to my moms volunteer shift , (I can volunteer at my local animal shelter every Wednesday ) was on a highway and waiting to turn left into a small street where I volunteer in and 2 lane stopped to let me go. I hesitated not sure if I was allowed to cross or not , but I got to go to a Chevy Blazer came to me from the turning lane 3. I never saw it when I was turning . I know it's pretty much my fault , because he had the right of way and maybe did not see the other 2 lanes stop for me . My car was totaled moms and now we have no car. My mom is not mad at me or anything. I have 20 years and was about to start saving for my own car and sooner than later I would get car insurance , but I was driving without any . I felt bad about all this . The man driving the SUV that hit me had insurance . I do not know if he's going to sue me or even if you can , but do not really make a difference since I have no money to offer . I 'm also nervous about getting my license taken away . I've always been a smart driver and this is my first accident . I will pay damages / fines that I have to. I do not know I guess I'm looking for some support out there , maybe someone who has a similar story . I know I have to go to trial soon and just have never been in a situation like this . Any stories ? or advice out there . ? I know that this is life and I'm learning from my mistakes each time.
To make higher comissions the client has to pay higher premiums ?????0Denni2012-01-03 11:18:16
To make higher commissions that the customer has to pay higher premiums ?????
Health insurance .... High deductible, low premium or low deductible high premium...?2didgeridoo !! 2012-09-20 03:24:03
Family of 4 ... The visit of Dr. . perhaps the year of 5x.
Does it make sense to have both a HSA and FSA?2thrush2012-07-21 19:56:03
I have the option of enrolling in a health plan with high deductibles , which offers an HSA. My company also offers the option of the FSA health plans with lower deductibles . I know the similarities and differences between FSA and HSA. Does it make sense to enroll in an FSA when I can get an HSA? Does it make sense to have both?
Is it just me or does this make any sense?0need helpfast2012-08-05 00:55:50
Ok my brother was in a motorcycle accident waiting withhis a claim settlement from the accident I think ....... Why are you rid your bike around town , but walking with a cane? ? Do you think is going to get more money from insurance compnay doing this ... because he is very wrong I think .... I work in an insurance office I should report it now? or stay pretending? ? ?
Does this make sense?0you know me...2012-11-03 21:14:30
My wife typed this letter a while ago. We started arguing about her going to her friend Jeff's house til 4am. She said I needed to leave if I didn't trust her. Anyway... Here is the letter she typed. What do you make of it? Life Is Good (inspired by nature, touched by God) It's a good life; it is good to be alive. Sometimes I get down; sometimes I am up. There is this crazy web of things going on in my mind. I think about the people around me; and the people that are not around me. Every person with their own life to live; it is a good life for them too. Things can never be as bad as we think they can be. I wonder if anybody ever worries about me. I think I have started down a self destructive path
Does this make sense to you? A "PRE-physical?!"?0lagan2012-06-28 20:53:07
So I call my doctor for a physical exam (not the 1st time ) and the receptionist says he needs to come quote me on two different dates :. 1) the pre -physical , 2) physical She did not ask this last time so it is again. I was like "WTF ? " in my head and then called my insurance to ask if they can do that. The woman was not helpful at all and just said he will ask a CPT code from them. She said she never heard of a pre -physical and my insurance only covers a physicist. Actually I have to do this before September because I just got into a program of health care and need my updated information before you start. I feel like I'm being ripped off. What should I do ?

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