A car hit me from behind after I suddenly stopped? related questions

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A car hit me from behind after I suddenly stopped?4Barlo2012-10-22 05:37:54
It was not a persecutor who was chasing me down a path of about 5 or 6 feet behind my car . I sped down the anger that you get off , but I saw it accelerate. I figured it was going to start tailgating once again went the speed limit , so that jammed on the brakes and I hit the bumper. I'm not sure what to do now, because he says he does not " going to do nothing" and not clearly defined. He says he's been in enough accidents and whatever. I'm thinking he thinks he should not, because I jammed on the brakes of anger. Is it technically guilt and still hit my bumper and should have been able to react in time, or I have nothing because I jammed on the brakes of anger, it was not an emergency stop or something? I'm thinking about making things easier for us , once we get an estimate from my local auto shop , divide the bill by half since that technically should see how I react . If he still refuses to pay, what should I do ?
Pls help! Rear ended a car that suddenly stopped?1yonny2012-09-24 19:24:03
I was driving along the A494 , in the back of a white BMW . We were proceeding down a slope when I saw the BMW stop , then tell turn right after a traffic light was green at that time. So I quickly hit the brake pedal and slowed down and then he walked away. Then the BMW slowed unexpectedly in the middle of the road and got the brakes too, but it was too late . Before we had time to react to the crash or even wipe out your car's license plate number , he left. I took a side road to assess the damage caused to the car. the car
If i hit a car from behind, and it wasnt my fault because the car infront of me suddenly stopped.?17I Luved u B4, I Luv U Still, I Always Ha 2012-08-14 08:15:03
it was a form of four and she does not go directly and not go right , she just stopped in the middle of the road to pick someone . ¿ I can take this to court?
A taxi stopped suddenly, I hit his car and am uninsured, 2 cars from behind hit me, who is a fault???6Aher2012-03-05 23:13:15
A taxi stopped suddenly to avoid hitting a car that was turning at the light. I suddenly stoppped , but hit the taxi. The car behind tried to swerve to avoid hitting me, but hit the curb and hit the side of my truck , and the last car also tried to avoid the accident, but car hit me from behind. Now I was not insured and was charged with reckless driving, driving too fast but not all . I am responsible for the taxi, but is responsible for my car. Both cars would be behind two of the blame ? I am desperate to find an answer I've heard so many conflicting answers. I too am a single mother working two jobs to make ends meet. PLEASE HELP
Front car suddenly stopped...pressed brakes hard to avoid accident..so the car behind me hit my car...the one.?8Chapman2012-06-23 06:10:15
beind hit his ... We exchange information .. except for the forehead running .. jusr no .. no damage Whose fault is
The jobcentre stopped my money but i have signed on monday and they stopped it tuesday 4 2weeks will i get pai?0Yvette2012-05-28 08:39:32
Thursday cn pay me stop my payment
I hit someone my brakes faild and they stopped and i stopped and i back up a little bit and i look over and?2Berto2018-11-14 05:33:33
that where did it go? What do I do ?
Why am I suddenly breaking out?!?0grandall2012-09-30 22:15:03
I've had great skin my entire life . Throughout my teenage years , I had the occasional pimple or blackhead but nothing major . A little over a year I started getting a lot of white heads and large painful pimples . I proactively for a while and my skin improved , then much , much worse . Proctive I left at the end of last summer and in the past 3 months I have beaten their lowest point . Now I have cystic acne ! They usually have at least a small cyst and several " normal" pimples . Cysts are absolutely horrible and badly wounded . Last winter I had one on my forehead that came and went pretty quickly and was not too noticeable , but then only had regular grains . It was more of a red bump , these are large, flat, white on top . Very , very remarkable . I've actually picked up and people looking at them! I do not get that. Why am I suddenly burst into the ge of 21 ? ? MedlinePlus The only things that are different from my life now before my teenage years are : MedlinePlus 1. I've been sober for 15 months. Meth and ritalin was my drug of choice , along with alcohol and marijuana . MedlinePlus 2. Only recently ( bout 2 weeks ago ) stopped receiving my chance deprovera . MedlinePlus I know I should see a dermatologist , and if I had good insurance or the money would. Im saving but until you can afford it , does anyone have any answers? MedlinePlus I'm desperate . I feel so bad every time I look in the mirror . I hate my face ) :
Getting WAY too much spam on gmail suddenly?0Jutta2012-10-09 21:15:35
I do not know if I should change it or what, but I'm very scared because some of the emails with my name on them (something that was filled automatically appears in.) Have come even ONE NEVER spam in gmail before and now I'm getting literally about every 15 minutes. they are all types of ads / business that I have never heard of, but did not even apply to me , because I have 13 and some of them relate to things like life insurance , jobs , housing listings , etc. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not belong to any social networks , and my email is not any place where no one could see it ! I do not think google sells because why I have a bill for three years and this has never happened , but it just suddenly happening now ... ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Has anyone else had anything like this ? Is it dangerous to have your name and email and must be changed immediately , or how to get rid of it ?
Why did my car insurance rates suddenly double?1rhinoceros2012-07-02 08:20:02
I'm almost 40 years , has a spotless driving record , has the same car , have not changed the policy, and have not moved. So how can my insurance agent just above my rates suddenly and do not give me an answer why . He just says that things change . Is there an industry standard or agents can simply screw with us at will ? I've been with this insurance company well known for 4 years. This is not a type of work out of his garage . All the experts out there that can shed some light on this for me. I'm shopping around for insurance again as I write.
What would you do if your health insurance co suddenly dropped you?0georgettte2012-09-08 02:47:02
What would you do if your partner health insurance suddenly you dropped ?
What happens if you are collecting an annuity......when suddenly, this comes true?1juhi2012-09-01 20:03:03

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