Car crashes in country lanes? related questions

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Car crashes in country lanes?1Vivien2012-06-21 08:51:35
A friend had an accident on a rural road . She was arrested and thrown right into the cover, the other car skidded and went to her side. He was texting on his mobile at the moment. He called his insurance people and they said that accidents on rural roads are 50/50 . Is this right ?
Unsafe Changing Lanes Who is at Fault?2*~melody~* 2012-05-14 00:00:45
I was driving along a three-lane road that was in the middle lane I was looking to cross into the right lane so accelerated and waved to the right that I was going to change lanes and I made sure I gave an adequate amount of space for me between the car behind me, I checked. Then he changed lanes and the other part is accelerated and crashed into my car. Damage was right rear passenger in the front of the door on the right ( Dent ). They had a small reduction in the left front bumper . Unfortunately, after the accident I was nervous and did not know what to do I only had my license for several months , then I started to say sorry and when the police arrived I told them marked on the right and it was my fault . I told the same insurance I signaled before attempting to change lanes. I have not spoken to my insurance yet, but call me soon I will say what I said to the police and insurance of the other party. I have the intention to fight this I say that I was not guilty. O By the way , here is my state law regarding this. ** A vehicle shall be driven as close as possible at all within a single lane and shall not move from that lane or moved from a shoulder or bikeway into a lane until the driver has determined that it is safe. **
If a car 2 lanes over from me cuts car next to me off making it swerve into me, who is resp. 4 fixing my car?7hummingbird2012-10-09 12:06:02
The car that cut the car that ran on me, was beaten and left. The co -insurance. for the car that hit me the car said to cut them in charge to fix my car. Since it is known is licensed car # , I'm really SOL ?
How much would a citation be for failing to look before changing lanes therefore causing an accident?0Denni2012-06-16 05:29:59
I was in a car accident last Friday and the other driver did not look before she came into my lane and ran to my car. minor damage. anyway that was issued a citation. How much do you cost? We live in Arkansas. because the damage was minimal , im not worried about getting fixes it. was just a little paint chipped off mirroe Part briver .
I nitched a taxi switching lanes and then i parked and met up with the driver, he got my name and tag number a?0~*i*LiK3*iT*hOt*~ 2012-05-09 02:45:57
I nitched the rear bumber of a taxi changing lanes behind him, and then I parked and met with the driver , got my name, phone number and tag number and get my car no police were called and we had no commercial insurance information . No mark of minor dents , only after I had left . I wanted my information to establish an agreement for me to pay in cash. What are my rights if you make a claim , and what I can do ? I can not deny in any way, because it was almost nothing and put it behind me.
Auto accident with right of way lady jumped across 2 lanes her insurance wont pay!?0Caleb2012-09-17 13:36:03
Ok , so I left the mall in the right lane when a lady across the median jumped across two lanes and I caught the end of the passenger of his car . I tried to stop , but I had enough time . If I would have stopped its broad sided . Well , now my insurance claimed his fault , because I had the right of way , but my car insurance does not cover damage brothers because it has before and think that is my fault because I took the far side of his car . They change their story of why they do not cover damage every time I call . Like "oh well she had enough time to cross should have stopped" ! I DID ! or " Well , in this case considered a part" . HOW TO TAIL SOMEONE ON THE SIDE ! " We may well be able to cover half." PETS NOT HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY ​​JUST fix the car ! Please someone give me advice on how to get my car fixed brothers this is ridiculous . I feel guilty for my brother because he has nothing to drive now I have to carry it everywhere .
Do you have to reside in a certain country to avail of a life assurance policy from that specific country?0Natalie2012-05-19 10:20:18
For example , an Irish person can get life insurance with an insurance company in the UK or U.S. with a Canadian company, etc, etc? Thank you.
Health insurance for visitors coming in from a country that is not their home country?0ADAM CORN2012-06-25 12:01:47
How to get health insurance for visitors flying to the U.S. of a country other than their country of origin? - The country of origin will not sell insurance , because the person has already left the country - The country of residence does not sell insurance because the person has joined a job recently, and has been present for less than 6 months - Insurance companies in the U.S. also call on your travel dates forms back and forth from the country of origin, and have the option of flying from a different country.
Drive in two lanes to avoid Tool road camera taking picrture of license plate?3Fay2012-02-24 18:27:11
I was told that if you drive directly on the dotted line , so Ur driving on two -lane toll cameras I can not take a photo of tuition that way because ur ur not totally in a lane and then u can drive through part of the fast track and not have to pay a toll. Does anyone else know about this. I'm a try, its only like $ 45 fine.
In Your Country, do you have to have health Insurance? How does that work? which country?3Honey2012-11-02 02:54:02
I know this sounds like a silly question , but I 'm from the UK and want to know how things work in other countries. So here if they get sick and make an appointment for the doctor, you only pay for the drugs ... and if we go to A & E who do not pay for that ... and if we need an operation other than cosmetic is free too ... optical free trial every 2 years (but have to pay for specifications) ... But if a single mother who is not working and has a child under 5 years, then get the benefits which means dentist, opticians and medicines will also be free ... and whether that person is renting then she / he has to pay a municipal tax long with ... then again the tax is through the roof , council tax, national insurance and energy bills hit the roof . and garbage taken out of our paycheck is ridiculous. I've always been intrigued about how things work in Australia , USA and Canada. **********
Drivers License From Country to Country ?1Curry cat 2012-10-17 17:13:08
Will my driver's license Iceland work in the U.S.? or I'll have to take it again in the U.S.?
If my roommate crashes my car?6hawk, falcon2012-05-21 17:44:29
Who is responsible if my roommate gets into a car accident while driving my car. He does not have any insurance (because he does not have its own car ). Will my insurance rates go up? If you hurt someone would be responsible?

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