Why don't people understand the difference between health care and health insurance? related questions

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Why don't people understand the difference between health care and health insurance?1guinea, fowl2012-06-20 15:28:04
Everyone seems to think that just because you have insurance , it makes you healthier and cheaper to make medical bills. Why can not people understand that the doctor still gets paid. It is only now that the doctor is paid , and the insurance company pays well.
Do cons understand the difference between free insurance and affordable health care?2AA2012-08-11 21:57:39
Do you understand that we do not want free insurance , affordable health care we want ? Future reforms of health care should make health care more affordable . The remaining challenge is the definition of a true " field " and make health care affordable for all Americans.
Do people understand that ObamaCare is not about health care its about having insurance?0Caprice2012-07-12 13:34:02
we have health care and its the best in the world,. what we don't have is insurance for everyone and thanks to Obama Care everyone can have insurance minus the illegals who still get our health care. Obama care makes you buy insurance so you don't have to worry about sawing all your fingers off in a freak accident, its there to protect you and give you peace of mind. Obamacare is about making sure that the people who don't quaify for free healthcare and is not covered under work and can afford it but chooses not to buy it, has to buy it or get fined, so its not a big deal and its here to help you
Do people here know the difference between health insurance and health care?0Aly2012-07-13 07:05:03
With the entire nation insured, that's only going to drive the cost of health care UP. As of now, you go to a doctor for a simple procedure, and your insurance company gets charged an arm and a leg. If the entire country gets forced to carry insurance, every day will be a field day of overcharging for health care.
Do people understand the difference between Universal Healthcare & Universal Health Insurance?2Lalita2012-08-28 00:28:02
Is this too complex for people? Health insurance is being mandated by Hillary Clinton, this is not health care, it is private insurance that people will have to pay for from their paycheck. This is not a compassion issue, people should have healthcare. Healthcare is DIFFERENT THAN INSURANCE So is forcing every american to have healthcare deducted from their paychecks the right solution to universal healthcare? What if they cannot afford it? Is this a good healthcare plan?
What i dont understand about health insurance?0Darryl2012-08-29 17:15:03
I am a student of 20 years full -time college , I have a full time job that pays min wage . I'm an independent student because both my parents are deceased . I have no health , my school does not offer it or my bosses , and obviously do not have parents that are addressed under . buy private insurance is literally unrealistic with my income . what I do not understand is how people who are not employed and has been unemployed can get guys like its nothing , and live for free, get food stamps , welfare and free medical care . Of course you do not understand , when I work full time and go to school full time and I'm actually doing something with my life , but not entitled to any health coverage .
Do conservatives understand the difference between a tax payer, and somebody who pays for health insurance?0chemiii2012-10-27 02:15:01
A person who pays taxes pays taxes to the government , surprise ! A person who pays for health insurance paid to a private company . This money is not filtered through the government in advance . Therefore, taxpayers do not pay for health insurance or health insurance anybodies . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now tell me, do taxpayers pay for contraceptives ? This is a very simple concept .....
I dont want people abusing the system, yet I dont want to mandate health insurance?1najla2012-09-02 17:04:02
I have a better idea NEXT TO COMPLAINT OF GOD?
Obama's Health care reform as I understand it is this...?1MissyQ2012-09-20 10:56:02
In short: MedlinePlus He wants the rising cost of health care (which grows more than three times the rate of income) to go down so all you can afford. MedlinePlus Want to provide a gov't option plan for private insurance would reduce the cost of maintaining their competitiveness. MedlinePlus He wants medical decisions are based on the best interest of the patient health not, what would that Drs or coinsurance. more money. MedlinePlus He wants to use technology and better communication between RD to reduce unnecessary costs in testing and unneeded procedures. MedlinePlus He wants to emphasize preventive care versus after care (which cost much less money for the treatment of a disease before it occurs that later). MedlinePlus He wants to order that every citizen has an obligation to get health coverage (concept of ensuring that all drivers obtain car insurance) the uninsured increases the cost to others. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The opposition seems to be politically motivated Republicans. They want health care reform to fail because they know that it is important for President Obama (the comment waterloo). The proposed reform has some questions about how much it will end up costing and how it will be funded (like the economy, is a very complicated issue, with many variables that affect the outcome), but if you listen to the Republicans who will be catastrophic and bankrupt the country - of course he did not mention that under our current system, economically affect all much worse (the cost goes up and up, people are a single disease of bankruptcy). And of course they do not offer an alternative plan. And, of course, their most important financial contributors are insurance companies. Its main objective is politically motivated and cleverly hidden under the veil that health care reform is socialism and other propaganda and tactics to mess with the minds of gullible Americans fearful. Remember it is easier to keep things the same, it takes courage to change, but Republicans want the rich get richer and the poor stay poor, otherwise you will lose your domain throttling policy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I have said is true? Please comment.
What is the difference between Health Insurance and Health care Program?0Latisha2012-07-02 17:20:02
Is it okay to have just the program for health care and not have the Health Insurance Plan ? I can get health program for half the monthly premium , compared with the Health Insurance Plan . Please advise ? Is it advisable ?
Why is it so hard for so many to understand the basics behind Health Care Reform?0Lyn2012-07-30 23:32:56
It is simply all Americans have the opportunity to pay for health insurance . No cancellation . There are no exclusions . But paying for a policy. Like the house , flood , car, boat , motorcycle, all the others. If you can not get home insurance, do you mind , then? If you can not get car insurance, you wake up and reconsider their position, health care ? The health insurance companies are screwing so many people today. Do not only worry ? Many here may be a day away from its policy of not having health care . I just do not know. You could be fired. Your company goes bankrupt . You receive a notice of cancellation of your current insurance company. Is to ensure that there are blurred, if disaster strikes . Why is it so difficult to health care for many to understand that the rest of his life self- absorption around with all these other insurance options .
How will the affordable health care act help me? i dont want to buy health insurance. i havent been to a?1Re re2012-08-08 23:37:03
doctor in years and i have a substantial amount of money saved up in case of an emergency.

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