Car helppp???? idk anything about cars?

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So I went to go help one of the members of my family with his car and went as a co- signer and has even told dealers that have come as a co -signer and I signed the papers and was home the car ended up on my behalf as fully in my name. And I've been telling my family members (his cousins) to put the car in his name and told me that the will and has been 5 months and still have not done anything . Do not put the insurance in my name or anything. and have taken all the registration papers from me and every role I got, and I have curiosity why are not and all you have an argument about it everyone calls me crazy and idk why! Please help idk anything about cars , what should I do?
Answer1caiman, caymanAnswered at 2012-06-03 04:59:47
Not seem to understand , until the car is paid , your name will be on those papers .

Failure to make payments , you are stuck paying for this car. The contract he signed for them, was a guarantee they will pay , or else you will.

Do you think with your signature , you was giving a reference, they are reliable ? To his cousins ‚Äč‚Äčthat have co -sign , it means that their parents would not. It could be that they had in the past, but got stuck , so then they go to other relatives or friends and then , when the family is exhausted.

Every time someone needs a co -signer is because they have bad credit, so to get a loan , have a co -signer , and the loan company has 2 people to go after only 1 vs .

Sorry for the bad news.
Answer2armadilloAnswered at 2012-06-06 15:05:52
I do not understand what your question is ...

Want to know about cars ?
google car ..
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