I was involved in a car accident in which the lady that hit me accepted she was at fault and we agreed on not? related questions

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I was involved in a car accident in which the lady that hit me accepted she was at fault and we agreed on not?0Crystal2012-06-01 14:32:50
We agreed not to call the police but agreed to call our insurance . Who filed the complaint with both your insurance and mine, but apparently still has not called insurance , they are trying to get a hold on it for their version of history and we are waiting for that. The adjuster of your insurance company called us and said it sent a mission to their favorite store the body so they could give us an estimate and that as soon as the insured gave his version of events and responsibility are identified that we would send a check based on the estimate. The accident just happened , how long should I wait to give us an answer , what should I expect? is our only vehicle and now we can not drive around. What is the insurance should be doing ? is assumed that somehow represents us ?
My insurance company has accepted liability and agreed to repair my motorcycle but I dispute it was my fault.?4Canny2012-04-06 00:07:05
That was thrown from the bike by a passing car on a dual carriageway that hit my front wheel with his rear wheel (I have skid marks in my fender to prove it! ). As my wheel was removed around the visible fork hit the bumper of the car and left a mark. When I informed my insurance company asked if there was any damage done to the rear of another vehicle to which I replied "yes." A few hours later he called me and said 'we' responsibility is accepted as "we " were the overtaking vehicle . I can only think it is misunderstood that it was a highway or that my "vehicle" as they called it was a car. If I argued that it was in the wrong and managed to convince them that the repairs would take place until further investigation and wrangled with other insurance companies? I have protected no claims for what can only be won back over . I really do not want to ruin my chances of getting back on the road as soon as possible and although it is more the principle of the thing than money. Any advice or opinions?
I was involved in an accident last week a lady reversed out of her driveway and hit my car.?16Adelaide2012-04-22 13:34:05
I talked to my insurance company today informed me that now is not supported on the responsibility and blame me for causing the accident .. she switched to the public highway safely stop I can not be convicted of driving just past .
Lady hit my parked car, has no insurance, agreed to pay and now disappeared. What can I do?7Binga2017-12-31 13:02:20
Ok so while I was at work one night to a client of mine hit my car in the parking lot. She did not know it was mine , but she left a note saying he would pay the damages. I contacted her the next morning to discuss things with her and she said she had no insurance than you would of pocket.We agreed that he would go get some estimates and they prepay the body shop that and amount to pay for a rental car for me, while my car is in the shop . Well, I contacted her 2 days before we were supposed to be found in the body shop and she said it was good to go and there would be no problem. The day we were going to meet (yesterday ) called me and sent a message to their numerous occasions, all of which were not returned. I talked to the police department and they said they could file a hit and run on it , so I'm considering. He sent a text today saying that since she could not contact me so that I would be filing a complaint against him, and of course she immediately text back to their defense. She simply said it was not total , however , I understand. I'm getting more nervous as time goes on however, she just go away on me and my new car to work very hard to pay for never going to fix . Can someone please give me some advice on what to do. Any little bit helps. Thank you !
Can a collection agency place information on your credit report that you never accepted or agreed to pay?0RRG2012-10-09 09:45:03
I have a rental property in a state that I no longer live in. I lived in the property for about 3 years, 2 years ago. My neighbor has my phone number and never informed me that my property caused damage to her home. Yesterday, I began receiving phone calls from a collection agency to collect on the damage. I informed them this was the first time I've heard of the damage, I have never seen a bill, I never accepted a bill. Obviously, they want to collect and I am also contacting my insurance agency but is it possible for them to place this information on my credit report.?
In a no fault UK car insurance claim after an accident, should I have accepted the other party's insurer's?1bat2012-05-13 18:49:51
offering a curtesy car , or my own insurance company ? At first I accepted the first is after I phoned to offer, the day after the accident ... but after calling my insurance company to report the accident itself , which convinced me to accept his offer of courtesy / rental car ... for up to 7 days after the insurer is guilty of issuing a check for the car discharged . The car is a write off definietly
How much can i get if i was in a accident at not my fault but the lady that caused it didnt have insurance?0Ella2012-05-21 11:23:05
so I was driving and was beaten by another car because another car spun me out and get success. so the car that caused the accident was his fault and was fined . but turned out not to have insurance , adding that after the accident. so we talked with our lawyer and told me that his insuracne not going to cover, it added that after the accident. so he said he will do so through our secure and I will not get paid for my injuries will most likely have suffered because they have full coverage. So I understand that insurance is a trial so I was wondering what I get for that becuase i suffered broken ribs, hit in the head, neck fractured bone / pelvis and was in hospital for 3 days. a trial she will do anything or take anything from it. and now they want my insurance to pay an insurance deductible because I is covering ?
In California if you do not have auto insurance and you are involved in an accident that is not your fault does the insured at fault have to pay your medical and or pain and suffering0Brun2012-03-22 20:35:20
In California, if you do not have auto insurance and are involved in an accident is not your fault that causes the fault insured has to pay the doctor , or pain and suffering
If an uninsured motorist is involved in an accident in Ca, does the accident automatically become their fault?1Carman2012-07-20 20:54:03
in California
Involved in a car accident that was my fault?0Gu2012-06-12 23:01:06
Today I was involved in a minor car accident. So less can be more than one type situation bumper of the car. The collision was my fault, I was turning right at a red light and the lady who was driving towards me turn left and I do not remember if he had a turn signal on or not, but accelerated to avoid hitting against her and scratched the back of my driver's side and dented pretty bad. I'm not really worried about damage to my car because my car still drives great, and that's all I really care. We pulled in and out of cars to check for damage and for me, being an idiot or a failure admitted quickly (although it was actually my fault) I also do not take pictures or collect appropriate information from her, but did not provide adequate information because I did not know what to give. I gave my name, phone number, the auto insurance company, and the type of car. We called the police, but after an hour of waiting, it was decided to change only the information and return home. His car had little or no harm in it. The front bumper has a small scratch on it, and a small piece of plastic that popped out easily pop into place. What worries me, though most are being exploited. For all I know, she could go home and get a hammer and smash the front of your car to make it look a lot worse than it is. My car insurance does not cover collision, and since the damage is so small that she and my car, I do not know if I should report the incident. No one was injured and almost no damage was done. I received a phone call from her saying she would call me later with "an estimate" There are a few options being considered here, since it seemed so eager to have my money. 1) Change my phone number and just ignore it because your car has no damage and no one was hurt, and she does not have my license plate number or anything. 2) Tell my car insurance company (although I have the collision and I'm not sure how the whole thing because this is my first accident) 3) Man and pay whatever fine is ridiculous throw at me, but I will ask for appropriate documentation indicating the damage and the amount I have to pay. I had a passenger with me who obviously saw it all, so at least I have a witness. I worry about her, mainly home and smash his car to try to get more money from me. As I said, I was an idiot and not taking pictures and seemed genuinely concerned about the amount of money he had and where I worked and everything. Thanks for the replies.
I was involved in a accident whose at fault?0disk_ck2012-06-16 11:41:40
I was on the freeway and the car in front of me slammed on their brakes. I got mine and the car behind me was pretty close and swerved to avoid rear ending me, but lost control and overcorrected and ended up hitting me in the driver's side door . However, when filling out the police report said he thought I was 65 ... I realized later I was in a construction zone and the speed limit was 55. I really had no idea what was going faster than I guessed. Does that make a difference?
Involved in a 3 car accident.... who's at fault?0JAMIAH2012-10-14 17:15:03
So I got into a car accident and am waiting for my insurance to figure out who's at fault, but while they're working on it, I'd like to ask the public for a general judgment Situation: This accident involves 3 cars. The car I hit = Dodge. My car = Honda. Car that rear ended me = Toyota. I was driving southbound on freeway 101. The site of the accident involves a T-intersection - there's a minor road that allows cars to turn southbound (right turn) or northbound (left turn) into the freeway. I was driving southbound on freeway 101. Freeway 101 have 2 lanes, and I was on the right lane. Speed limit was 60, and I was driving 59-62 range. I was going uphill, so there was no way I can see anything downhill, due to the angle. It was raining and it was nighttime. Once I get to the top of the hill, I immediately was able to see what's ahead below me. I immediately saw "something" in front of me on my lane, which happens to be a car. Its front is facing to the left, so when I am looking at it, I am looking at the driver's door. So in other words, the Dodge in front of me was on it's side. I was unable to see any light emitting from that Dodge. Turns out, the Dodge was involved in a prior accident. The Dodge wanted to turn left from the road into the freeway, and when she entered the freeway, she hit a car, taking out her front lights completely (the whole bumper and front came off), hence, when I started to drive down, the Dodge was on its sides. Anyways, I slammed my brakes, which locked, and because the floor was wet due to the rain, my car slid down and hit the Dodge on the left rear fender (driver side). Right after I hit the Dodge, a Toyota in back of me rear ended me. I pulled over, and the Toyota pulled over, then the DODGE pulled over. I was thinking, "What the heck? Why didn't you pull over earlier?? Why'd you stay in the road?" From my understanding, if someone is involved in an accident, especially in a freeway, they are supposed to pull over to the side if there are no injuries involved. The fact that it was nighttime, and the Dodge was on its sides, and had no lights emitting from it didn't help at all. The insurance have already concluded that the car who rear ended me (Toyota) is at fault. They are still deciding whether the Dodge is at fault, or I'm at fault for hitting it, or both. Hence, while they work on it, I'd like to ask for a real opinion from someone with this knowledge. Thanks.

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