My car registration tag stickers melted in the mail? related questions

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My car registration tag stickers melted in the mail?1Jiggle Shopper 2012-04-22 02:12:02
I live in California. I received my bumper sticker through the mail , and when I opened the envelope, which will melt and stick ! What happened? ! I can not find on today, but if I do , what should I do? Should I take to the DMV? If I can not find how I can get duplicates if you 've already paid the registration fee ?
If my birthday is Feb. 21st and I have not recieved my new stickers in the mail am I driving illegally?5swan2012-08-26 06:30:05
I sent for the new stickers by mail and did not get here for my birthday.
Does anyone actually scrape off the old DMV stickers when the new registration comes?7Abe2012-08-09 06:15:02
When you get a bumper year with new vehicle registration in California, has the instructions to remove all the old stickers before placing the new one. I tried it once , and it was not possible , so I did what most of the people and put all the stickers on the top of the other. A new just arrived, and I was curious if anyone actually has the stickers off .
Can i get my tags and registration stickers at the dmv?0Sarah2012-05-25 12:00:00
I live in California. I just bought a used car, but you must pay the registration fees .. We are in 2012, but the car has 2008 stickers .. I can get the stickers on the same day to register my car, getting the title in my name, and all that? by the way the car is a 1991 Nissan 300ZX
Can I go across the US/Canadian border with expired registration stickers?2Monica2012-04-28 12:43:45
I just moved to Portland , Oregon, Texas and Texas my registration has expired. I've been meaning to get my Oregon tags , but do not know if I'll be able to consider that they have no proof of address and the DMV have to to give me a license. I've been planning to go to Vancouver for my birthday over a year and I will be very upset if I can not go.
What color are the dmv 2010 registration renewal stickers?2Noel2012-01-17 18:40:04
What color are the 2010 DMV registration renewal stickers ?
What if i haven't received my driver's registration stickers from the dmv?0panther, puma2012-04-26 11:36:20
What if I have not received my registration stickers DMV driving ?
What are the dimensions of your vehicle registration windshield stickers in your state?1Adai2012-04-22 08:16:38
As I'm finishing my thesis, this is one of the last data I need to go from the 48 states. Any help will be appreciated ... I have to get the exact dimensions , but ... :)
Why do states and municipalities require vehicle registration stickers?1 Wu Bi å°› percent -2012-02-25 06:33:01
Why doe states and municipalities require registration stickers vehilce ? It is a pain to remove and replace each year. Would not it be easier if all vehicles require you to register and pay the fee on a particular date and if they do not impose a fine? This would eliminate the theft of these stickers, which can be a particular problem in urban areas and would be a more effective way for governemnts to collect your winnings . We label all seems pointless to me.
How much does it cost to drive in tx? registration,lic,title change,stickers,etc.?0Zona2012-05-28 16:44:16
How much is the cost of driving in Texas? registration service, the change of title , stickers, etc?
Repo department scraped off registration and inspection stickers?1Jef2012-06-13 12:22:01
My husband ended up getting his car while we were paying Reposessed and to recover the debt they took the registration and inspection stickers . You need the car for work and I'm nervous to drive. We now have the other half of the registration form on the window and people told us to keep the documentation repo the car so that if attached it could explain the situation. We will not be able to get a new inspection until next week .. I guess my question is. Are we going to be okay? I'm pretty sure I explain the situation will work, but I'm nervous that if park and a police officer sees no stickers that can bill us or tow the car. Should I keep the papers passing in the window too?
Just mailed registration renewal for my car to CA DMV how long till i receive new stickers?0hot_stuff 2012-03-26 10:14:34
Just mail registration renewal of my car to CA DMV how long until you get new decals ?

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