Should I buy Life Insurance from Primerica?

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Asked at 2012-05-29 12:22:09
Two agents, one I know and trust, the other never saw in my life. The guy I trusted told me he is in training and needed to give a talk to my wife and I to get your license. (never said he wanted to buy life insurance , that is until they came to our house. ) Suddenly , the tone of the "talk " became a selling point for us to buy life insurance . Is supposed to return on Friday ... I have a strange feeling about it , that's why I'm here. Should we buy life insurance Primerica .. I have 25 years my wife is 23. Thank you for your help.
Answer1pizzadue Answered at 2012-06-18 08:14:51
Ok, this is my story and experience with Primerica and as I was almost "cheated".

I had received a cold call a day of Primerica asked me to work for them. They told me if I was interested, I would have to attend a meeting instead (they rented some stage). Primerica never applied to, or even heard of them before the call, so I'm still trying to figure out how they took over my contact information (fishiness # 1). As I was desperate for a job at the time, I decided to go to this meeting. Well, so I went to the meeting and guess what? There were about 50 other people there who were invited to the meeting for a job. Ok, that's fine, maybe Primerica is a new company and hiring as many people as possible. Well, it turned out that most of these people were immigrants who have been living in Canada for only about 2-3 years. Ok, so I said to myself, why Primerica want to hire people who have never had a job in Canada before and do not speak English very fluently? There is definitely something wrong with this picture (fishiness # 2). Thus began the presentation and explained who they were and what your company does. It turned out that they were actually looking for people to work for them, but here's the catch: In order to work for them, you would have to pay Primerica $ 200 for a license to sell life insurance + $ 40 per month to stay in your business (fishiness # 3). Come on, you pay your own employer to work for them? That is ridiculous. They assume that immigrants are not smart so we try to recruit as many as possible and rake in the dough as possible.

Now, back to his friend and life insurance. Most likely, he bought insurance from the sale of "license" and have minimal training. Want to buy life insurance for someone who has had only a few days of training? I know I would not. People go to college for years to get these jobs. Think about it. He is probably a victim of this scam, as I tried to explain above and try to sell the stolen safe. Why cheated? Their prices are 30-40% higher than the most competitive insurance salesmen of life. Main objective is to make money Primerica employees ($ 40 per month, as explained above) and life insurance is only an "illusion" to keep their employees working for them (or should I tell customers = D).

But whatever you decide to do, your life insurance is still legitimate, but a 30-40% higher than most competitive companies. Also, do not be surprised if his "trusted friend" will have you work for them. If you somehow end up working for Primerica (it is possible, trust me), he will make a commission off of your monthly premium for employees. Anyone can work for Primerica, so do not be surprised if this issue appears on Friday. Just something to keep in mind =)

Good luck!
Answer2snforAnswered at 2012-06-22 23:13:06
Do not.
Answer3Alex L.Answered at 2012-08-17 20:17:30
I used to work for them and I would say check out your options with other reputable agents . Life insurance is a good thing, especially at his age. Just make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck . At least if you shop around you will know what you are getting .
Answer4GeovandaAnswered at 2012-08-25 04:11:02
One word : . Yes MedlinePlus Primerica life insurance is the strongest around. The company has more reserves to pay death benefits to other company in the industry. MedlinePlus Get the most time available , and that the agent opened an IRA with some good mutual funds . MedlinePlus Follow your plan , and you'll be fine .
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