What are the requirements for a learners perimt in Virginia? related questions

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What are the requirements for a learners perimt in Virginia?6Gile2018-11-01 21:38:34
6 months after my birthday - - October 28 , for allowing me to get my license now. I wondered what I have to do to get it . They said nothing about a test or anything on the DMV Web site , which surprised me. All help appreciated.
What are the requirements for changing license from Virginia to West Virginia?0Care2012-06-01 20:04:25
I have a Virginia license and I am moving to West Virginia soon to be near a church I'm going to start attending . What are the requirements to change my license over from Virginia and West Virginia ?
In Virginia do you have to take drivers ed before you get your learners?0New Endless Love,2012-03-29 06:54:35
In Virginia, you have to take drivers ed before reaching your students?
What does iss ori mean on a learners permit for Virginia?50Kin2019-04-25 17:04:55
I have my permit and I 'm trying to figure out exactly if I am eligible for my license.
Can i get a licence in colorado with a virginia learners permit?1Nara2018-05-25 09:15:08
¿ I can get a license in Colorado with a permit in Virginia , students ?
In Virginia, I got my learners permit on July the 7th,when will i be able to get my drivers license?7DaRk Dai Lo 2017-11-21 21:53:34
In Virginia , I have my learner's permit in July , the seventh , when will I be able to get my driver's license ?
In Virginia, I got my learners permit on July the 7th,when will i be able to get my drivers license?1Isaac2012-03-18 01:12:04
In Virginia , I got my learner's permit in July, the seventh, when I will be able to get my driver's license ?
In the state of Virginia, if i got my learners permit in January, when can i start driving alone?6Dokie 2019-01-02 18:34:32
I'm done driving school .
Moving To Different State With Learners Permit - Virginia to Rhode Island?2Petica2018-05-25 09:55:38
Basically , my parents in the military , we move a lot, im probaly move soon . I have my learner's permit at this time, and Virginia has to keep for 9 months, then you are eligible to get your full liscence . However, in Rhode Island has to be maintained for 6 months , then one can obtain a liscence limited. ( Allows you to drive at certain times of day without supervision, then get a liscence is real). Im wondering - Well , I have to go back to get my permit then hold it for 6 months ? - Well, be able to get only a limited liscence since EDVI he held for 7 months and ? Thank you. Ohh and the taxes have already taken the necessary classes to get a liscence Virginia.
I am holding a Texas driving license, Can i buy a car in virginia and register my car in virginia ?5Olivia2012-07-28 12:26:59
I came from Texas and still with a Texas driver's license , where I can buy a car with my Texas driver's license and driving my car in Virginia, I have to have a Virginia driver's license for a new car in Virginia. I hope I can keep my Texas driver's license and drive in Virginia for a few monthes .
My car's registration is in California. When I move to Virginia, I bought the Virginia Insurance.?1armadillo2012-09-10 03:19:04
I try to renew my membership this year. I could not. California DMV suspend my registraion . They said uninsured since last August. So I try to make the registration of Virginia, or you can send me my insurance California DMV Virginia . I do not understand why every time I move to another state, I have to change registration and car insurance ?
"Virginia under age 19 driving license" (VIRGINIA)?0Sheba 2012-06-18 00:32:59
Hello ! It has been almost nine months since I have my learner's permit and now want to take a driving test and get my license, but today when I visited the DMV website I found out I had to take driver education program before take the road test, I was completely unaware .. Now I do not want to wait long to take a 6-month or other long education course ! Is there any way I can finish my driving education program within a month and take my driving test ? if so how? help me out , I really do not want to wait any longer .. : (.. I already waited 9 months ! (..

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