Does an annual deductible mean the insurance company pays nothing until you've paid the annual deductible? related questions

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Does an annual deductible mean the insurance company pays nothing until you've paid the annual deductible?3Archibal2012-07-05 05:05:03
For example , if a policy has a deductible of $ 5000 per year for individuals , mean that the person pays 100 % of everything until the $ 5000 is covered, and then the insurance company takes care of other medical services in the year or what does the individual pays for certain deductible to $ 5000 each service is covered, then the insurance company takes care of 100% (or close to it) for other services for the year ?
Annual group insurance cost is $8,200.00. The company pays 55%. You get paid every two weeks. What amount is d?0antilope2012-05-09 08:13:27
The annual cost of group insurance is $ 8,200.00 . The company pays 55 %. You get paid every two weeks. How much is d ?
What's an "annual deductible"?0Dobly2012-05-14 07:07:58
I'm about to get a puppy . And the pet insurance asked what I would like a deductible? There is an option for $ 100 $ 250 and $ 500. I'm getting insurance and do not know what it means. Someone please help! I'm getting a puppy purebred German shepherd from a breeder. I just want to be safe and be covered !
What is a $250 annual deductible??13Calvi2018-02-05 08:08:43
I do not understand that ... in insurance
After you pay an annual deductible do you not have to pay for it for another year?0Jenine2012-07-17 16:07:02
I got a quote from a pet insurance, the ASPCA to be exact, and they have an annual deductible of $100. So my question is, if after paying the $100 dollars and my insurance starts covering my pet, will I have to pay that every month with the monthly plan payment of $29.64?
What does annual deductible mean for health insurance?2Cerina2012-11-04 12:16:02
that says I have an annual deductible of $ 350. What does this mean ? also says I have to pay $ 15 copay . So when I go to my doctor , I have to pay all costs and physician charges I have paid only $ 15 ? What does the 350?
Can someone explain annual deductible in pet insurance for me?0Rina2012-07-10 14:11:01
Can someone explain the annual deductible pet insurance for me? Do I have to pay that amount on top of the monthly amount every year? If that's the case, then there is a lower deductible in the long term?
In terms of insurance, what exactly is the annual deductible?0Coolio Dude 2012-05-23 04:21:15
The site sure I'm looking at this as follows : A specific amount of money your health insurance company may require that you pay out of pocket each year before your health insurance plan begins to make payments of claims. Not all health insurance plans require a deductible. Does that mean I have to pay the full amount of the franchise before it can go to the doctor ?
I have a question about medical insurance. Deductible and annual pay out?1Judith2012-05-07 02:10:41
I am currently choosing health insurance for the first time through my job benefits . I have a choice of high and low. The high option has a low deductible ($ 350) and a higher payment than twice per week ($ 43) . The option has a low paying high deductible ($ 1,050) , but lower ($ 27) . Maybe I do not understand how this works, but it worked and the lowest cost options around $ 300 more a year than the high option . I was told by HR and others because I am young and healthy option to lower the better option. Is there something I am missing ? I think that option is cheaper high . Also, from what I understand the deductible is a single annual payment paid to the insurance company . Yes? Thanks for clarifying this for me!
I'm new in the health insurance issues,etc. So, I'd like to know what means 0% (after annual deductible).?1Elsie2012-11-03 20:30:02
0% (after annual deductible ) in the brochure they have. Does it cover the visit and / or what is ? Should I wait a whole year to get a 0 % deductible ? ? ? IDK , HELP ! !
How do health insurance companies decide when to apply costs to one's annual deductible?3Leonard2012-06-22 03:59:20
It seems to make a guess at who will have to pay in full and when you will pay in full, as it decided " to add to your deductible ." For example , will pay for an x -ray machine in full right now, but next time they make you pay for it. ( I do not mean a car accident that cost him $ 20,000 in surgery and that make you prepay the deductible before they pay the costs).
Health Insurance Plan: Either $279/$323 a month. Deductible $2700/$1500. Annual out of pocket 5000/3000?0Jani2012-08-02 14:58:02
How to help my parents find a health insurance plan . Mom is 46 has no health problems dad is 50 has diabetes (which is very controlled, but still used 2 medications a day). Mom goes to the doctor , probably 8x a year ( flu shots , physical examination , mammography , etc.). Dad goes at least once a month to get their medications and get their diabetes checked. Was recently diagnosed , so he will see how you're doing with your diet changes and general changes in life. I do not know which to choose. Having both the same coverage. The only differences are the following : Outpatient surgery $ 200 / $ 150 Room and board , surgery , laboratory tests : $ 400 / $ 300 Both cover generic and brand name drugs to $ 10 generic / $ 35 copay for the brand.

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