Is Primerica a good company to buy life insurance from? Why or why not?

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Asked at 2012-05-28 06:43:14
Is Primerica a good company to buy life insurance ? Why or why not?
Answer1AshlynAnswered at 2012-06-28 19:34:03
This is a reputable company with an AM Best rating of A +. They are the only company that maintains its philosophy of buy term and invest the difference , while other life insurance companies that promote accumulates cash value.

Primerica is not just a life insurance company , is a financial services company . Help families develop a complete financial plan that can help the family achieve your financial goals. Primerica 's mission is to help eliminate household debt and become financially independent. Most families have some form of debt from credit cards , personal loans , mortgages and most of them do not have a game plan to get out of debt . Primerica has a debt elimination plan that can get the client of debt faster and for less money. At the same time , Primerica has an investment plan called mutual funds and IRAs and variable annuities that can help clients create wealth. You can not create wealth by paying premiums on life insurance , no matter what type of life insurance that is. Life insurance is a tool to manage the risk of income loss in case the breadwinner dies. If you have children and will provide a great source of income for the family , and something happens to you , how can the family survive financially? Life insurance is a way to replace your income , not a way to accumulate savings. That's why Primerica is 100 % behind its philosophy of "buy term and invest the difference . "

Anyway, that's only idea of ​​Primerica. It's your decision to do business with Primerica or any other company.
Answer2bugz and manzzAnswered at 2012-07-06 19:35:23
I would recommend comparing different companies both in terms of price and financial strength. You can visit a site like to get a price comparison and then cross reference the strength of financial companies

This way you'll at least make an informed decision and not rely on someone's word .
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