Motorcycle purchased with paid lien on title (READ BELOW)? related questions

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Motorcycle purchased with paid lien on title (READ BELOW)?0Jillian2012-05-26 09:45:39
bought a motorcycle with a lien on the title , the guy showed me the documents to be paid, has since been registered in my name for over a year with no problems what so ever. but I'm trying to sell the bike and custom buyers purchased until the lien is out of the title. What should I do . call the DMV .. will know if your payment ? call the previous owner ? help .. thanks
Bought a car w/(I think) a fake AZ TITLE in IN & has LIEN on it! Can't reach the guy. What can I do? READ ON!!?0_ M. You.. 2012-02-02 08:14:06
I recently bought a car from a guy for $ 3200 in cash. I live in IN and is a title AZ. I asked the guy for the title (I thought it was fake) , but said its just because it's an out of state title you have't seen before. He met me at a gas station where there are security cameras . After searching online , I can not find the name of the guys in the city or the state said ( so I'm pretty sure its false title / name / etc. ). I called the BMV to run the vin # and they told me has a lien on it, but legally can not give me the name of the original owner, the lien holder's name or company name , or AMT. lien , due to privacy issues. Still I have a couple of days a car plate within 30 days to get money , but do not know where to go from here. *** *** Bottom line I now know the man gave a false name , title, false, and sold me a car w / a lien on it. WHAT CAN I DO? I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO TAKE THIS AND HONESTLY I WANT MY MONEY. Please give me legitimate information on what to do . I'm at a loss. : (**** This man did not return phone calls or e-mails ****
Can you register a purchased car in a different state to avoid a child support lien to title?2Ida2012-03-29 10:35:01
Can I register a car bought in a different state to avoid a maintenance lien for the title?
Need a copy of paid off lien to get a new title of vehicle at courthouse?1Chillie2012-03-21 03:08:19
Need a copy of tax paid for a new vehicle title in the courthouse ?
How much is title insurance for a a paid purchased home0Jenny2012-02-15 20:00:15
How much does title insurance for home care purchased aa
How can I get a title for my motorcycle that has a lien on it?5Charein2012-05-13 08:03:05
I bought a motorcycle for about 7 years . Long story short to pay off the lien on it. It has a number of collection agencies, but no one arrested. Is there any way I can get the title of the motorcycle? I think it can be hard to know who actually owns the bike.
Can you get a title if you bought a motorcycle that has a lien?2Katherine2012-11-06 02:02:03
So my neighbor was selling the bike (I've known the guy for 4 years) and I know it takes money, so I bought it at a reasonable price for it. I said the title was somewhere in the Uhaul and had to find it. So trust the man I met four years ago told him mail it to me when he moved into his new house and found it, there was no hurry . So 2 months later and I can not get a hold of him, talked to a family member saying that the bike is not paid and he stopped making payments and never had the title. So if that's true, I am at a loss ? I can do a title or abandoned? If I went to the MVD and the court and say he had a lien , they take ? Or I get in trouble ?
How do I resolve a lien on my motorcycle's title?0Ghanny2012-09-24 19:15:08
I bought a fixer-upper motorcycle without a title from a friend, knowing that it was stolen ( vin search ) . MedlinePlus A couple of months ago I went to the tag office to try to register , or at least get a lost title application . They informed me that the bike was last registered in 2005 under an unknown name and the title of the last entry had a lien imposed GE Consumer Card Company . MedlinePlus I got a form that the lien holder must sign saying that the embargo has been resolved. MedlinePlus After searching in Google the company , the best thing I could imagine is that this is a subsidiary of GE Financial. MedlinePlus I then tried to contact them , I had my call outsourced to India , and it does not actually have an account with them , they do not say anything at all ( although I have not had the time to wait for a supervisor to talk to ( and I waited for 25 minutes before having to hang ) . MedlinePlus My question is : MedlinePlus What should I do ? MedlinePlus Who would be able to help me ? MedlinePlus The insurance company ? Lawyer ? WTF ? ! ? ! ? MedlinePlus Thank you !
Hello I purchased a motorcycle from someone, and he put my name on the title can i sell it ?3Iris2012-04-19 23:59:15
I am not able to pay and without getting into trouble and going to Sos, ¿ I can sell my son and put his name on the title or i will still show the owner of the vehicle , thanks this is very important to me, and the future may be sold back to me , my only concern is my name is already in the title now , although I've never used this bike is something im running an office problem Sos, thank you.
I NEED HELP!!! i purchased a motorcycle from a friend and it has no title, how do i get one for it.?0 주로 쓰이는 단어나2012-01-06 08:00:23
here is the situation , my friend has his dad 's bike best friends who wanted a bike since I was like 11, so his best friends dad finally sold for $ 80 because he lost the title . i gave him $ 100 for it, but the main problem is the VIN on the frame and the VIN on the engine do not match, because the original story broke and got another frame for it, so I do not know if that will cause a problem trying to get a degree . Do not even know where to start to get a degree. Can someone please help me ?
Do you have to have full coverage on a motorcycle in virginia if an individual is a lien holder on the title?2sanaz 2012-10-09 20:03:02
Do you have to have full coverage on a motorcycle in Virginia if an individual is a lien on the title?
I recently purchased a motorcycle with a salvage CA title..i need to register it in Massachusetts?0cheese 2012-07-25 04:19:02
I bought this bike , while in Iraq with the army. Big bike , all you had was cosmetic damage that I fixed and painted. It has a salvage title in California (other than the recovery of bodies , for the parties , title, and that occurred before you bought it until 2008). Now you need to register in Massachusetts, and provides for a hassle with the DMV. I have nothing to worry about? Not have to buy the parts and did all the cosmetic work me .. and pass the inspection without any problem. Is there anything I need to know before going through the registration process DMV .. insurance should not be a problem that had secured before, but not registered .

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