Can anybody tell me specifics of a Primerica life insurance policy?

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Asked at 2012-05-26 07:58:05
I had a Primerica representative come to our house. We knew what was to be presented and I felt very overwhelmed by the whole meeting. I have great curiosity about life insurance and can not find details of it anywhere online. Everything I've discovered is that going to be much greater than what I'm finding elsewhere. Could someone please tell me what their policy would be worth paying more for ? ¿ I can get this kind of policy with another company? Also , any suggestions for a life insurance company good to buy. I'm talking to someone from ING and talked to someone about AIG. If someone intends to respond and hipe to Primerica , I can not work. I just want answers to my specific questions. Thank you.
Answer1ClifAnswered at 2012-08-15 17:43:02
Very Good - responds to your specific question . Yes , you can buy long-term policies of many companies. Many are cheaper premium Primerica 's policies . If you die , you pay the same amount ( assuming you're comparing apples to apples) ,

A long-term policy is a long-term policy with a few bells and whistles many (RP - Return of Premium , etc. ) Next to most long-term policies never pay anyway because the period expires before the individual makes .
Now , with this proviso , one also ensure that any company you choose is a stable company that will pay off in the event of your death .
I am not specifically going to mention to other companies because they want this to sound like a request.

No, I do not work with Primerica - I work with someone who I consider best for me and my clients at all (obviously , otherwise I would not be here). However, I am tired of Primerica getting a bum rap as well.

The agents I've met have been ethical , work hard for their customers ( like me) and are there when you need them - which alone can justify the additional costs - and not just a voice you'll never see at the other end a line.

At day's end , though - it's your money . Do what you want . I'm glad you're getting coverage for your family apparently needs .
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