Help with DMV test (part 1)?

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please help, I found the answers, but when I present that says nothing and makes me re-take the test again (look for part 2) by

1 True or False. No need to read the warning labels of over-the-counter medications


2 Changing road conditions, traffic signs, pedestrians, changing CDs, and talking to passengers in your vehicle are examples of __________________ you need to process each time you drive.

Unnecessary distractions
Road rage
Ongoing information received
Driving skills

3 True or False: The higher the BAL, the greater the risk of a fatal accident


4 To obtain a handicapped parking plate must have:

Proof of eligibility

Test inconvenience
Deterioration test Proof of disability

5 You must use the parking maneuver _____________ when parking space is diagonal to the curb.


6 ___________ affects your vision because their eye muscles are tired, along with the rest of his body, and is difficult to focus.


7 In the State of Florida DUI penalties become progressively more severe depending on the number of convictions and driver's ________________.

Level of blood alcohol
Speed ​​

8 True or False. Being confronted with danger is a common reason drivers get angry hostile and aggressive


9 True or False. You can slow down to watch a shock if you're curious


10 ________________ affect the amount and rate of alcohol reaches the bloodstream.

Beverage type, outside temperature and body weight
The time of day, type of alcohol, and body weight
Drinking rate, body weight, and size of the beverage
The size of the drink, your age and body weight

11 In the state of Florida, passing a stopped school bus with flashing lights violation will result in __________.

2 points
4 points
3 points
1 point

12 True or False. Passing is prohibited when the view is obstructed or when approaching within 100 feet of any bridge, viaduct or tunnel


13 True or False. Unlike motor vehicles with four wheels, under certain circumstances, insurance is not required to register motorcycles


14 A drunk driver may be able to steer or brake properly, but studies have shown ____________________.

Drivers can still make U-turns without any difficulty
Each driver is different in the ability to drink and drive carefully
Mistakes are much more likely that the complexity of the driving situation increases
No evidence of these
accidents drunk driving
15 Interpret the meaning of different traffic signs, road markings, warning signs and signals, are examples of _______________________.

Leisure traffic
Pedestrians warnings

Crimes charge Information processing

16 ________________________ often shows how to drive.

The happiness and comfort
Delay and anxiety
Fear and paranoia
Stress and aggression

17 If you see a diamond-shaped sign will be the type of signal?


18 You have to renew your disabled parking placard each year ____.


19 The effects of cocaine include __________.

The clear vision, headaches, and stomachaches
Headaches, stomach aches, fatigue and
Hallucinations, chest pains, and high levels of anxiety
Fatigue and chest pain

20 True or False. It is legal to pass in Florida if you think it is safe even if your view is obstructed

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