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Risk management won't return my calls- what do I do?0didgeridoo !! 2012-05-22 22:08:37
I've been calling a lot of different departments , trying to make an insurance claim against an insured automobile at least two and a half weeks now. A week ago I got, finally , the number of right / department to call after receiving about 7 wrong departments and a couple of numbers that do not work, but does not return my calls. Now it 's past the 30 days after the accident and have not responded to my messages or my insurance company. Should I try to inform the police ? Does anyone know if they are actually violating any law so far or just be idiots? I'm definitely calling the police if when I get a hold of them , refuse to let me become a claim to see if you can do anything. Not sure if I should wait until they finally answer my calls or not , though. It may take a while for them to get back to me and I have to get my car fixed soon .
I think he is avoiding me because hes using either my vehicle or can not fix it and the country he's already what to do
I was in a car accident a month ago not my fault and other persons insurance company wont return my calls?4Gilbert2012-06-07 16:33:21
I live just outside Atlanta , Georgia, and was with my kids and shaking a little when we happend .. That took us all to the doctor and he said it was spasams in my neck was bothering me and my daughter said that her chest hurt , but that was his seat belt. well now we are all mostly part.The another insurance company of people set a time to see my car. Add up and said I was going to bid me a check and I give them the key and take the car. Well , I received by mail a settlement offer of 932.00 . My car is older than its a Saturn 95, but I called the person who sent me the letter over 3 times and received no return call or the call because for 932.00 adjuster.Im I can get a car again, so I want to know what can be done if you just keep the car . Doctor until the damage could be , but just want to explore another option instead of just giving them back to 932.00 . If you want to keep it still can give me a check for an amount as small as possible ? What do I do now because they will not return my calls. Im stuck .
Risk management: what are some factors affecting risk management?0Brian2012-04-27 15:12:45
something of a social issue that affects
What is the Differences risk management and insurance management0Huberta2012-01-02 06:10:32
What is the risk management and insurance management differences
What is difference between risk management and insurance management0*Mean~ppl~need~prozak* 2011-12-18 18:37:48
What is the difference between risk management and insurance management
The other insurance won't return my calls. what do I do?1Tired.. like n1. Shefu 嘚 . 2012-06-17 21:24:21
I received a letter from an insurance representative who gave me a contact number. I called and left my claim number and sent me the contact information. It's been a week and still no calls back . How long it takes to handle a car accident claim ?
How can insurance help in handling risk like price changes in inputs for firms in risk management & insurance?0Chloe2012-05-26 03:07:43
I just gave a small desripction in the form of insurance can help in managing price changes . aprrecaited any source . if you know more methods that can handle the risk of price changes plz feel free to put it here . Thank you.
What do you do when your caseworker will not return your phone calls?0Dougla2012-08-07 13:20:03
Applied for benefits and November to cover my OB visits until my husband starts insurance. I had to apply 3 different times and still do not know what's happening, but my daughter is already approved . My problem is I've been trying to contact my social worker, or even just my general office for the past few weeks , but no one even return my call! And if I call the line that I can not reach an operator, just instructions to call my local office. I'm trying to go over your head now to get at least some answers, but I have no idea who to contact that is " in charge" of them! I live in New York.
Trying to collect a debt from an auto insurance company that will not pay or return phone calls?2Don2012-10-22 19:38:02
Acident occurred on December 16, 2005 , claims adjuster did not show up in the February 2, 2006 . I called the insurance company a week later to determine the status of the claim. Have not been able to get a response from them and I can not get a real person on the phone 's voice mail only and Thay not return my calls. What I can do to get paid without spending much money or time ?
Can anyone relate to RISK MANAGEMENT?0Arnold2012-08-09 20:15:02
Insurance companies have large volumes written on the concept of Risk Management is the effective (and at what price) are several steps to mitigate risk. With that said , how many people actually believe the TSA baggage screening people and personal property is effective risk mitigation ? Is randomly selected and shake down the elderly, or children, and want to work? How much is the expense of U.S. taxpayers to fund this effort to "security" ? Do you think your well spent $?
The course of insurance and risk management deals with what?0Delores2012-07-05 19:57:01
Works like who ?

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