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Can I sue my internet provider and win? ?2__only ↑ pro. 2012-05-24 02:32:36
I am a Forex trader , and during one of my offices, the Internet connection was lost for about 15 minutes and when he returned , he had lost 18000usd . What are the chances of winning my case and what game I present law ?
Which is the best satellite internet provider for a good price?0Judyth2012-07-09 21:35:02
Looking for Internet via satellite. Hugh net NO ! We have to now and has not worked in five months and say that our insurance does not cover the topic. So Can anyone recommend anything? I need it for school.
Health insurance provider and service provider disagree on discount?4Idleness.2012-05-14 15:39:00
Hello , I have a medical bill that is partly paid by the health insurance provider and part of it is covered by group discount (depending on the health insurance provider ). Insurance provider have offered an explanation of benefits indicating that . The service provider says no plan participating in group insurance providers. The service provider is asking to pay remaining amount and threatens to send the bill to the credit bureau collection. Insurance provider says they are not repsonisble for that amount and we let him go to the credit agency collection and show explanation of benefits. What should be done in that case , should we pay? If the matter goes to the credit agency collection makes their future employment opportunities impact or does it impact our ability to have health insurance (if changed) ? Please advise . thanks
Why does your primary insurance provider need to know about a secondary insurance provider0 D ﹑ ior__ Yan -2011-12-19 22:39:59
Why your primary insurance provider need to know about secondary insurance
Can an insurance provider find out if you are insured by another insurance provider?1Andreah2012-07-30 04:26:56
I am insured by Unicare student insurance. This policy is under my name. Then I am also insured by Unicare through my parents insurance. I had to go to the doctor and had a procedure performed. I used my insurance card and not my parents. Now they are giving me grief about paying the claim. They want to know if I have any other insurance. I do, but I don't want them to bill my parents insurance. I want the bill to come to me. They have sent me a form and want me to fill it out and sign it. I don't want my parents to get the bill because they are going to want to know why I went to the doctor and so on. What should I do? Can the insurance provider find out I have other insurance even I if I say no on the form?
Trying on the internet!!!!!!!?4python2012-08-01 06:26:02
get a cheap car insurance and give all the details, and then given about 30 options, and if I click , they want all the details once again that nobody does that crazy then , it makes me blood boil , bastards give us a break ?
Phone internet plz help?0Catie2012-10-20 14:18:55
Im having the Samsung Galaxy Note and am in the Panther plan my monthly cost was
Internet Insurance no help?1Clar2012-06-22 07:40:31
I am a resident of Suffolk Virginia and a tornado hit my house. I used an online insurance company (rhymes with ) and now are not helping me at all. My question is that just want to fix the roof and siding and call it a day. The problem is that the siding is no longer manufactured , and tiles can not be matched . My provision of the homeowners, said that all my tiles and cladding must be of the same type and color. I had the replacement cost value and are saying that color does not matter as long as it is replaced. Can they do this and make me pay for all work or are forced to fix everything , because you can not " replace? Thanks Ken
Is there some way insurance can pay for internet?1Lil Okie 2012-06-16 05:52:01
My family really did not find the Internet a necessity like me, and wondered if we could get a service free internet ? We are not rich and try to save as much as possible.
How i pay a tiket by internet?1Darcie2012-06-29 23:22:02
How I can pay online tiket ?
Do Anyone know How I Could Get An Estimate Value On My home On The Internet?1Memories of your beauty2012-05-14 18:23:08
Anyone know how I can get an estimated value of my home on the internet ?
Is it possible to see what is on your driving record on the internet?3N-SING 2012-04-11 19:32:21
Can you see what is on your driving record online?

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