Is this a good price for my health insurance???? Am I getting a good deal? related questions

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Is this a good price for my health insurance???? Am I getting a good deal?3I R Good 2012-06-23 17:06:33
This is my first job out of college, so I've never had my own insurance. Each month they take $ 98 in total my check for my health , vision and dental . My insurance has no deductible, and all you pay is $ 20-40 copayments for different views and there is no lifetime maximum , 0 dollar copayments on all generic rxs . Vision, to pay for everything after 20 copay dollars, and pay in full by contacts or glasses . Dental, paid up to 1,000 per year and I have to pay anything, or copayments for preventive care Is this average price to cover job? Is it in the bottom ? The reason I ask is because I am underpaid for my work , other similar companies pay more for entry-level things I do. However, I fear that I would pay more for coverage or get less coverage , so the higher salary would not mind if I pay much more for insurance . I love my insurance , so I'm tired to get out of this work.
Cannot get health insurance through company I work for. What is a good provider for good coverage and price??2Modesty2012-11-02 17:45:02
I need to get health insurance at a decent monthly cost and good coverage . I can not find a supplier of isurance will cover me with a pre-existing condition (the tubes in the ears , ENT ) at a reasonable cost and decent co -payments for visits and scripts . Any recommendations ?
Are Zurich a good car insurance company to deal with. Are they good at paying out? Has language been a proble0deavon2012-11-03 08:16:56
Does the fact that the call centre seems to be run by people where English is a second language present any problems?
Don't you think that AIG should be able to give us all a good deal on health Insurance?0Tony KC2012-09-18 00:28:03
Well , everyone I've been thinking about bail out great and we gave them as going to pay because they think could provide everyone who can not afford a cheap health insurance plan ? I can not get insurance because of pre-existing conditions and have been healthy all my life until last year .
Is $340 a month for family health insurance a good deal?0meghann2012-07-20 05:15:03
My personal deductable is $250 and for my family it's $500. It's through my employer.
Anyone know any good home insurance company in the Houston, TX are for a good price?0Chadene2012-07-25 20:02:03
Looking to get home insurance on new home. Looking for a good rate.
Is $25 monthly for a universal life insurance policy of $25,000 a good deal or a bad deal?0AIRA2012-07-24 23:57:03
Considering cancelling the policy. I pay $25 monthly ($300 annual). The policy never expires. I will never stop paying. It pays out $25,000. If I cancel it, I get $56 in my pocket. Do I keep it or pull the plug? I have a fair bit of life insurance elsewhere, this is just a rider that I've carried since I was young.
Good legit online drugstore to buy ambien at good price?0Jasmine 202012-09-02 01:42:03
My doctor prescribed Ambien CR , but I have no insurance and Walgreens will charge me 187.00 to think that nobody generic.I crazy.Has used ? That is His 59.00 itleast there or what the website for suggestions says.Any good price Thanks trusted pharmacy ?
With my 10% deposite I was offered 6.75% deal for 2 year fixed. Is it a good deal?0AnOnYmOuS GiRl2012-09-10 16:06:02
Should I go for 2 year contract with a fixed interest rate of 6.75 % or should I go for long term. Should I consider tracker mortgage ? What bank or socitey are giving the best deal ? MedlinePlus He also asked me to accept the plan of Mortgage Protection , Personal Protection Plan , Construction Insurance , Insurance content , unemployment cover ? Do I need all these insurance to start ? Please advise what should I go as I am a first time buyer and the property value is 77000k . thanks
What's the price of a very good health insurance?0hriday2012-07-23 16:28:02
I'm thinking of finishing my studies in the U.S. (Four years), but I'm very concerned about getting good medical care here. I'm talking about insurance that covers everything, especially in case of major accident or cancer (which I hope will be useless) . I wish I had the same confidence I have in France.
Looking for a good individual health insurance for a reasonable price?2kenyetta2012-10-13 08:02:02
I live in Dubai and i would like to Ask if anyone knows a good health insurance company with reasonable price?0bronson2012-07-25 12:46:03
I have a pretty good now, but is very expensive for me , so if you have any ideas please share :-)

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