Is this a good price for my health insurance???? Am I getting a good deal?

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I R Good
Asked at 2012-05-21 22:09:15
This is my first job out of college, so I've never had my own insurance. Each month they take $ 98 in total my check for my health , vision and dental . My insurance has no deductible, and all you pay is $ 20-40 copayments for different views and there is no lifetime maximum , 0 dollar copayments on all generic rxs . Vision, to pay for everything after 20 copay dollars, and pay in full by contacts or glasses . Dental, paid up to 1,000 per year and I have to pay anything, or copayments for preventive care

Is this average price to cover job? Is it in the bottom ? The reason I ask is because I am underpaid for my work , other similar companies pay more for entry-level things I do. However, I fear that I would pay more for coverage or get less coverage , so the higher salary would not mind if I pay much more for insurance . I love my insurance , so I'm tired to get out of this work.
Answer1BirchAnswered at 2012-05-23 03:42:19
You insurance is about average , except for dental coverage is low in payment. Look for other jobs and see what kind of health insurance offered with payment and if there is a waiting period for insurance to be effective.
Answer2danyaAnswered at 2012-06-23 12:44:11
I guess Janice is 12. You have an incredible plan for a great price. I venture to guess that your employer is paying between 75-85% of the actual cost of the plan.
Answer3AL 87Answered at 2012-06-23 17:06:33
That's really good. You're lucky. You are getting a lot of coverage for a relatively low price.
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