Can someone answer this question please?

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am in court for a traffic offense ?
Hi I live in Ireland. last year my car broke down and the children who needed a car to get to work.I had a car in my garage, so I stopped to use your insurance it.he changed over this car , but there was no tax or NCT on it. police arrested him and took his car . came citations for driving without tax and not have an NCT disc and not the production of these within 10 days. He called me to let him drive the car that was not taxed or have no NCT certificate .
my question is would it be better to get a lawyer to represent me when I go to court? or may just be the same result if I go without? ha. I never had to go to court before, so I really do not know what to expect. Has anyone else been out there in the same position ? what happened in court?

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