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Is the dealer supposed to give me a temporary license plates?0China2012-05-20 22:50:56
I bought a car, and my dealer did not give temporary label , was supposed to give me temporary license plates or not? ? ? . Because I went with him to leave office , but I forgot my ss . and the dealer does not have license tags on their behalf. and now the seller says it is my problem. I have to have a temporary label myself. and I have to pay for it ... So what I can do in this case? ?
How come car dealers can't give us an extension on temporary license plates & registration?2Melody2012-11-01 13:45:57
I live in NJ and I buy a new car from Toyota North in Mt. Kisco , New York and got a month in my temporary tags and registration. The temperature . expired this past Sun . The dealer could not give me an extension and not even track my fabrics in the DMV , was sitting on someone's desk at the DMV all the time.
If one has a new car with no plates, but temporary tags in the window, does that give cops PC for a stop?4Guardian Angel 2012-03-15 12:12:53
Can be legally detained for not having plates, even if you have the temperature. sample labels . Average for California law .
I bought a car from a dealer 5 months ago.Dealer have been giving me temporary registrations every month since?0wilson2012-07-03 05:59:02
i just found out that the car has a lean. the owner of the dealer is avoiding me and it seems like they are going to close down. the bad part about all this is, that i lost my receipt and i don't know what to do. who should i turn to for help?
Obtaining a license if your parents have car dealer plates?0guinea, fowl2012-03-27 01:32:26
Hello , I have to get my license and my parents , both cars have dealer plates on them. I'm not sure if the state of Arizona that I can get my license with my parents who have to have the car registered? Thanks in advance (: and please do not send me to the DMV or MVD (which never changed it to ) website , I could not get a very good response .
When is the state of Ohio supposed to Issue the new style of license plates?0aaniya gill2012-06-22 17:31:33
Last fall he announced what will replace the multicolored "Beautiful Ohio" plate scean farm but when the new plates will be getting it ? Are they also going to remove the rusty old "Cradle of avation " plate out? some people still have them.
Temporary License Plates?3Marti2012-06-04 05:32:05
Can the police run?
Will the CA DMV issue temporary license plates?0Michelle A 2012-06-16 08:40:17
I lost the front plate of my car and it is now illegal to drive and we are a one car family that is making life very difficult. I have completed the online form replacement and I have my plate is all set with my $ 19 to replace it, but I heard it can take weeks to get a new one. I was wondering if they offer a temporary, while you are waiting.
Can a rhode island dealer transfer new york license plates?0macaw2012-02-08 14:46:54
I'm going to Rhode Island to buy a car and I know if I would buy from a dealer in New York would not have a problem, but can you transfer my registration Rhode Island in New York or I have to take home and go to the DMV?
When you go to the DMV, do they give you a temporary enhanced license?0Sharon2012-05-12 01:56:26
I'll have my future because I will enhancedlicense Montreal in a couple of weeks. Not sure if I will get my license in time, but the DMV gives me a temporary license improved . I know that will give you a sheet of paper when you get your regular license and was wondering if you will be given the same with an improved.
Do I have a grace period after my temporary registration expires like you do on license plates?0Car2012-02-07 01:30:08
I bought a car through a dealer on January 26, 2007 . My temporary registration was originally published in the grantee expired March 23, 2007 . My dishes are quite expensive. I went to the Palace of Justice on March 23, 2007 and asked if there was any way to get an extension. I got only two weeks. That means the temporary registration expired again on April 6, 2007 . When I went to court today to request an additional extension , which was closed. ¿ I can drive my car? Do I have a grace period of 30 days as you do when you are to buy new tags for your license plates ?
Do auto auctions offer temporary license plates, or do cars need to be towed?0unsure2012-08-24 21:15:02
Well I couldn't find the answer anywhere on the internet so any help would be great. If I bought a slightly damaged car I plan on fixing up at an auto auction (one that insurance companies and stuff have) would I be able to drive it home? Like do they offer a dealership temporary license type thing, or would I need to get a tow truck just to get it home? Any experience or help would be much appreciated :)

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