How is kotek money back plan and why.IS THERE ANY OTHER better MONEY BACK Plan of any insurance company? related questions

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How is kotek money back plan and why.IS THERE ANY OTHER better MONEY BACK Plan of any insurance company?3Hema_Malini 2012-07-18 02:47:02
Plz do not ask questions such as why U Want It or someone who depends on u, so plz just answer the question asked d . Thank you.
Best Money Back Plan in Insurance.?1mustang2012-10-11 02:23:03
I am looking for a money back plan profitable life insurance . With a term of 25 years.
Do you get your money back when you close your car insurance plan.?1Jalyn2012-10-25 16:58:02
i decided to move to Chicago and the company I'm with is not in Chicago. So I was wondering that I can recover the money when I closed my insurance plan .
LIC Jeeav Saral Vs Money Back Plan?0April2012-05-12 06:37:14
LIC Jeevan Saral money back plan or Plan table 93-25 , which is good ...... since I am a man deprived of services and the single person who wins at home.
Which insurance plan shall i go far, endowment or money back or whole life or term. i am a bachelour earning 1?2Valerie2016-09-02 19:35:57
What insurance plan I'll go away , endowment or money back or a lifetime or long term. I'm a bachelour win one?
Money Back Plans which one is best plan in LIC ?which is giving best returns(i.e not unit linked plains)?0Erin2012-04-30 20:01:20
If your return a rental car back early do you get some money back ?1Enoc2012-05-02 11:55:37
say they rented for 3 days n returned it in 2 days ... im renting from the company
Can an insurance co take soc.sec.benefits to make back money they spent on a claim? Allstate wants my ss money?0Jummy2012-07-23 03:46:02
They had us file when my husband lost his job while on medical from an auto accident. SS awarded him benefits for a closed period and now they say they get it all! Is that even legal. I'm waiting to hear from my attorney.
LIC Money back policy, how i get the first money back?0 Dear Tak. flowery -2012-05-30 01:03:00
The public policy of new money , how I can get the money back first ?
Can i get Money back from my car insurance company?0Henry12012-08-24 04:45:03
I paid my 1 year car insurance, my insurance started in january, im planning to sell my car in august. can i get any money back from my insurer? I am 23 and Paid around
When we put money in the bank and they said it's insured by FDIC, do we actually get all our money back?0Kyne2012-06-03 05:18:04
when reading the fine print money is insured up to 100 000 , it means they will pay up to 100 thousand only?
Do I need to send money back to my insurance company?1Coach2012-08-15 15:23:33
We recently had hail damage to our roof and the roof needs to be replaced. The insurance adjuster came out and wrote everything up and we received a check yesterday for the estimate minus our deductible ($15500 for replacement - $2000 deductible = $13500 check). Well we have had received 3 quotes for the roof replacement and they are all below the amount the adjuster estimated...actually they are all about $1000 less then the amount of the check we received. The check is written to us and the mortgage company so we have sent it to their loss department and we were told by the mortgage company that they would send us back $10K and we would receive the remaining $3500 after they do the inspection to ensure the roof was completed. Now that we are getting quotes for $12500 do we let the insurance company know? Not sure how that works.

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