Social Security disability medicare question?

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Asked at 2012-05-20 11:32:50
My husband just received his first social security disability payment I think is the retroactive payment of 6-12 months (not sure because it has not received notification of approval , the deposit has just appeared in your account at today). He has been on long term disability through her ​​work for over a year and have been paying COBRA - $ 600.00 per month for 14 months. We have more than 4 months of COBRA eligibility and then have no health insurance . My company does not offer. Medical expenses and prescriptions will cost more than $ 600.00 per month once you finish Cobra. My question is when does Medicare start covering him? He is only 58 now. Please do not respond if you do not know, and I have looked on the web - sites I'm just trying to confirm what seems to me. Thank you !
Answer1NicoleAnswered at 2012-05-23 04:27:39
Well , I work in an office in California from my experience with Medicare insurance something you get at age 65 . There have been some cases that say you have Medicare and also have a child with mental disabilities could also be placed on Medicare from the moment they receive ( 65) and that even after its parent . You could tell patients the rest because it has no Medicare card the letter (T ) at the end of the social security number instead of the usual ( AorB ) so you have time to go to Medicare. If you are injured at work should be covered by a working draft for the damage even when it is withdrawn to be covered. That would include drugs dr . visits and physical therapy. At least that's how it works in my area I have understood that they are in Nashville, if I remember correctly . Still do not think it would be very different . Hope this helps.
Answer2CharineAnswered at 2012-06-14 16:55:35
Medicare begins when he becomes eligible for SSDI. There is a wait of 27 months from the time the disability is established, until it becomes eligible SSDI. So if you have the retroactive payment of 12 months has been disabled for at least three years? ? I think the timing is off, or not made ​​a profit of 12 months ago.
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