Commercial vehicle insurance vs. private: do I count as a commercial driver?

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I work as a case manager for a nonprofit agency , most of my job to get clients to appointments, the grocery store , etc. On my insurance policy , he asks if I use my vehicle for the "use trade "which the following are examples of such as delivering pizza , taxi / limousine services, etc.

Now, I know I have to consult my company to see if they offer liability coverage through the agency ( probably not) , but I have to ask:

- In the opinion of people anyway YA, you consider my work to be covered by the term
" commercial ? " - What is the difference, in general, insurance, commercial and private vehicles ? Trade is more expensive? I can not pay more, this is ridiculous.
Answer1momoAnswered at 2012-06-30 19:41:47
Yes Since you are transporting people to a position with your own vehicle , you are a taxi / livery. So yes , it is commercial use. Your personal auto policy will not cover any accident that occurs with a client on the back of the car .

You can buy a commercial policy to cover this, but is expensive. REALLY expensive. Sole responsibility , probably , which will run about $ 5,000 a year, minimum coverage , assuming that you are over 25 years with a spotless driving record . If you need " full coverage" , which could be double.

The way around this is to drive customers into the car of the CLIENT.
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