If I am financing a used vehicle through a bank for my friend, can he purchase the insurance on the vehicle? related questions

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If I am financing a used vehicle through a bank for my friend, can he purchase the insurance on the vehicle?1Vientiane2012-05-20 19:52:08
If I am financing a used car through a bank for my friend , can buy insurance on the vehicle?
Has anyone collecting disability insurance payments successfully gotten financing to purchase a vehicle before?1khris2012-10-08 03:01:02
Recently I just received my first payment for being on disability. I would buy a low mileage vehicle and the use of 50 % in cash to use as a down payment with the option of buying a new vehicle and / or better. Has anyone collect disability insurance was able to purchase a vehicle before? Thanks in advance for you answers and help !
Does GAP auto insurance cover negative equity because of a vehicle i traded in to purchase another vehicle?0Norto2012-07-28 05:57:00
I understand that GAP insurance covers the gap between what i paid, and the actual value of the vehicle several months later if it is a total loss in an accident. It covers the natural depreciation of what the car is actually worth and what the insurance company will pay. I am curious if it also covers the negative equity due to not getting what i owe on my trade-in. The dealership is giving me $1,500 less than i owe on my trade-in, and rolled that negative equity into my new loan. I can understand that gap insurance will pay the difference if i buy a car for 20K, and 3 months later it is totalled. Obviously the insurance company will pay what the market value of the car is, and not what the loan is since the car loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot. Why would they pay the negative equity also that was rolled into the loan? Or do they?
Do you have to purchase insurance if you co sign for a vehicle. And your not driving the vehicle?6Fern2012-07-06 13:21:11
Do you have to buy insurance if a vehicle co sign . And not driving the vehicle ?
Lent vehicle to a friend now I cant get it back how can I find them and vehicle?0katy2012-07-31 17:28:02
When I got reall sick and lost job ,friend offered to make payments and use it till I got better ,but Im not going to get better so we verbaly agreed that they could keep it and continue paying it ,till jan. she was 5 payments behind ,now Santander wants to file charges on me.I explained and gave permission to repo ,but can't find her or the vehicle .why doesn't anyone help me ,I know her old address ,cell ohone,drivers lic 2and new insurance co she puchased a policy for in her name .They siad is privte and can't tell me where the vehicle parks at.Police says can't file auto theft ,what can I do? legally
When financing a vehicle through dealership, does the buyer get the title?4HackTM Killat 2012-07-12 21:59:04
I'm looking to buy a vehicle from a dealer in IL and I was looking to finance the vehicle. I was curious to know if I would get a degree in physics for the vehicle, because I am financing ? Do you have a financed vehicle title look different from a regular title ?
I am now ready to finance a car. How I can change my CAR to finance another 1? WITHOUT GETTING TO REPO ?
Why is Comprehensive and Collision mandatory if I'm financing my vehicle?0Beowulf2012-08-04 05:09:49
Why do not I have the option to decline this coverage if I finance. These are the covers for my car, not someone else . The only reason I have insurance is for medical bills of others and property damage , becuase I know how to handle. So why do they care what happens to my car? I thought I was on auto insurance all about being sure you can pay damages of those other children
If you purchase a vehicle for your son but your ex-wife has custody are you liable if they do not purchase insurance1Kelly T 2012-03-03 05:51:15
If you buy a vehicle for his son, but his ex -wife has custody that you are responsible if you do not purchase insurance
I'm financing a vehicle, will the finance loan cover car insurance costs too?5negative2012-08-06 22:09:02
I am financing a vehicle , does the financial loan auto insurance coverage costs too much ?
I received a vehicle as a gift although they are holding the financing can i register and insure in my name?0Ferdinan2012-05-12 12:51:54
my mother is buying a car for me, she is holding the financing through a bank , I can have this vehicle marking and insured in my name ? This is in the state of Florida
What can my bank do without my vehicle's title?0Jerom2012-04-29 04:39:56
Please do not respond unless you really know something about the law . I bought a vehicle from a dealer NY in November 2010 , and recorded here in my home state PA About 6 months, the bank got me the car loan calls and tells me that I have my degree. I take a day off and go where I got the plates and registration, and get copies of documentation showing that had the title and my bank was ranked the leinholder . My bank had me fill out paperwork to obtain a duplicate title. PA DMV wrote back to them saying : "We can not give you the title because you are not the leinholder " back to me saying : "We can not give you the title because there is a lein on the vehicle. " That's the idea , much more back and forth as this has been about 6 months but I feel I've come a long way to address some other mess. I've been trying to get a hold of the DMV, but the hours I work and can not exactly sit on hold for an hour of waiting . Worse, my bank is more or less saying that if I solve this they will take possession of my vehicle! So basically , I have curiosity in 2 things : 1: What exactly is my responsibility in this disaster 2: How the hell can a bank take possession of a vehicle that I have never missed a payment when you do not even have the title?

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