Why does it take weeks to months to receive your license plates on a new car? related questions

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Why does it take weeks to months to receive your license plates on a new car?0Oti2012-05-18 21:21:53
However, if you register the car coming from another state , usually hand over the new plates once all fees have been paid ...
Will my parents receive yellow license plates for my DUI in Ohio?0Dinah2012-05-06 14:09:34
So long story short I got my DUI second in less than 6 years in Ohio. About 5 years 6 months from the last . My policy and the vehicle are still under my parents name . What I'm asking is that the plates are yellow for my mistake ? * If you want to go on a rant with my idiocy please , save it. Im well aware .
My car was taken by the police & they Won't let me get my license plates back for MONTHS?3Oswal2012-06-06 07:44:56
It Vouchered or is waiting to be vouchered until yesterday still was not in the impound lot ( I guess that means it is still in the room - this happened 2 weeks ago) they need license plates to become the DMV I can cancel my car insurance ... I can not afford car insurance for many months so that I can not drive a car ! ( I was not allowed to get anywhere plates of 7-8 weeks to as late as 1st or 2nd week of November Is there any way to fill a form and pay a fine, possibly at the DMV , so I can! cancel my insurance, or should I say the DMV that the plates were destroyed, and possibly pay a fine ... this is in the state of New York, by the way, if it makes any difference Thanks to anyone who can help me , I do not know what to do, where I live there is no transportation , really , once I turn on the plates and cancel the insurance , I have to get another car as soon as possible , I am not the payment of $ 1,000 or possibly several thousand dollars ( I have no more than U.S. $ 1,000) for a 1991 station wagon with over 100,000 miles on it ! But I need a car to take my daughter to school , doing laundry and shopping , getting the mail , no banking , etc. Again, Thanks and 10 points to first answer that really helps me in my plight !
How long can i receive unemployment for in nj ? i know new york has a total of 99 weeks?0gannet2012-04-27 06:33:02
How long I can receive unemployment in NJ? I know that New York has a total of 99 weeks?
I send my dvla photo card licence for the changing of address before 2 weeks ago.but I didnt receive my new dv?1copperhead2012-06-24 21:16:09
But I have not received my new license from DVLA photo card to now.what now.guide I do please?
I have to turn my plates in for a week, what happens when the weeks over?0Bill2012-03-14 02:40:25
How I can get new plates ? I send them? How I can know if the suspension is over.
Purchased car three and half weeks ago, still haven't got anything in mail so I can go get plates? HELP!?0seal2012-05-06 04:04:33
The paper plate dealership gave me expires in 5 days! Financing the car through the dealership and the bank is Santander. I called the dealer and told them I have nothing to go get the plates, and anything to start making payments and my first payment is due within 5 days, so I do not want to be late on it! They said they still have their money from the bank Santander and can not release all those things to me until they get it ... Is this normal ? ! I have 5 days to get the plates and make a payment with no paperwork , what should I do?
I am currently working at this job where I receive insurance. I am 5 months pregnant and am unable to return b?2New Endless Love,2012-08-08 12:14:44
I am currently working on a job I have health insurance. I am 5 months pregnant and I can not return to work due to personal reasons. I was told that if I never work I get a huge bill from the insurance company to cover the rest of the bill . So I wonder if Medicaid would pick up the bill because I would be unable to pay that. If anyone knows if Medicaid would help me please let me know.
After submitting vehicle inspection report to DMV nationwide, how long does it take to receive plates?0Xaviera2012-05-23 20:02:11
After the report of inspection of vehicles across the country to the DMV , how long will it take to get the plates?
Cost of michigans license plates???!!!!! customized license plates?0eagle2012-02-13 14:45:06
Personalized license plates , how much they cost
Could i edit my drivers permit so my 9 months is up and i can get my license without waiting the full 9 months?1Bria2012-05-04 19:28:29
If I can scan my drivers on my computer and allow then edit the date you received the permission for my 9 months is up and then reprint my permission and take it to the DMV with all my information and a parent with leaf hours signed saying my 50 hours is in What I can get my license without waiting for the full 9 months ? and i am 16 and have received my license a few days after he had served 16 years. Does this work ? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP! THANKS !
Do you get your license six months after you pass your permit test or 6 months after your first driving lesson?0The Unpredictable 2012-03-01 01:10:56
Do you get your license for six months after passing your permit test or 6 months after their first driving lesson ?

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