Can you add certain items like expensive items like cameras and phone to your homeowners policy? related questions

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Can you add certain items like expensive items like cameras and phone to your homeowners policy?2infamous rj 2012-06-06 08:14:37
if tyou add something like a more expensive digital SLR camera or iPhone to your insurance policy covers the damage? Beyond the house if your burnds down or something ..... say as dropping ?
Lost items in fire in my apartment, it wasn't my fault. Will I get my items paid for by his insurance company?2Japan has been 'thinking 2012-05-23 11:39:27
I live in an apartment building of 2 floors. The man above my house had a fire in your dryer. (' Cause- dryer ' fire report states ) that only have a responsibility for me, but he only has liability insurance but has yet to cover my damaged items. Your insurance with State Farm says its lease, which was to cause the fire neglegent so not their fault . The report also indicates that the heat from the fire , the apartments in charge (including mine) has water and smoke damage . What I can do or say to my State Farm damaged material must be paid for them. I understand they are trying to get out of it, that's their job , of course, but that sounds like a long way. Any ideas ? Thanks And I'm talking to people that have to do with insurance and legal persons) , but no general counseling experience can give me ideas. Thank you.
Which of these items can be deducted in my 1040?Or if not where can I go to see which items are deductible?0Christina2012-08-04 14:15:02
dental bills medical bills hearing aid toothpaste and other toiletries family health insurance prescription drugs back brace real estate taxes state balance due for 2006 return paid in 2008 goodwill contribution(clothing fmv) atletic club memebership church donaltions(no single amount over 250) personal property taxes neighborhood civic leage
Why are a lot of men's items more expensive than women's?0kellie pricley2012-07-10 11:13:05
Not everything is, but if we compare similar items, such as jeans, aftershave / perfume , car insurance , shoes and lipstick ... I mean a can of deodorant ! This is blatant sexism ... feminists come to me .
Homeowners insurance replacing items stolen ?0Cleva2012-05-20 16:38:10
When the agent wrote the report of robbery / police estimated the value of the stolen too low , since I had time to find an actual monetary loss . I figured that a $ 2k - $ 3k was stolen , but in fact after I sat and thought that even its more like about $ 25k. How will the co -insurance do if I go ahead and make the police report saying one thing and my estimate of almost 10 times more ? My biggest loss was my toolbox that I did not realize how much all my tools was worth it.
My car got broken into and several items were taken. They're covered by homeowners ins. but I have no receipts1· ① zi generation pet you 2012-06-09 02:26:45
The GPS was taken , my cell phone, mp3 and lots of CDs. Will I have receipts for all these things to get a refund for the policy of my own home?
Can anyone recommend a decent home contents insurer which will cover expensive personal items away from home?0Bridget2012-05-19 11:08:00
Expensive is relative I know, but my wife has a
What items does a renters insurance policy not cover and why?0goldfinch2012-06-21 19:55:50
There were over 300 cd stealing my car, besides music , GPS and other items. State Farm tells me that my renters policy does not cover stolen my cd is even though I have all their covers and their combined value is more than the damage to my truck, and all other items stolen as the stereo. I am told that even if they were stolen from my house with my stereo would not be covered either.
Is it mejirs policy to return items without receipt?0 White cut, ugly Nan? 2012-05-04 17:51:38
Mejirs policy is to return items without a receipt ?
Why must items valued at more than a specified amount be seperately specified in an insurance policy?1Katharine2012-06-24 03:35:05
Why items valued at more than a specified amount separately specified in an insurance policy ?
Do you have to update the cost of individually insured items on a policy?0Hanson2012-05-13 22:36:41
Example: diamond ring worth
John Lewis returns policy, will they take these items back?0Aleta2012-07-03 13:10:07
So I bought two pairs of socks hunters John Lewis, and both couples have been split at the seams on the back foot , I have the receipt now and I have the packaging , either as I had for two weeks and that went well. Am I still able to bring them back , as surely wear should not happen so fast?

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