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Legal expenses cover added to my household insurance?1Mil2012-10-04 17:33:02
I just moved home, and my lawyer gave my sizes (with my consent) to an insurance broker , gave me a quote for insurance, which seemed fine , so I accepted. Now I've had the policy documents and see that I've been accused of legal expenses . I didn asked, I was not , t asked me if I wanted, but there it is. I have read the conditions of the thing, and it seems totally silly to me. I know I can cancel it, but I'm asking is just how out of order was the insurance broker here?
How can I cut down household expenses?1Warren2012-08-29 05:52:07
I have had several bad breaks over the last year (illness, mother's passing, etc.). Now I won't be receiving senior, veteran's or STAR exemptions on my property taxes. I'm also paying close to $300 a year for water to my community because of the debt service fee attached to it, and I barely use 1000 gallons a month. I'm paying $30 a month for trash service and I only have about one plastic shopping bag a week of garbage. I spend about $40 a week on groceries. Clothes I buy at garage and rummage sales and thrift stores. Of course auto, home and health insurance premiums and other taxes never go down. I'm paying about $100 a month for cable TV/Internet service, $40 for electricity and $30 for phone. Fuel oil so far this year - around $3500. Any REASONABLE suggestions on how to live more economically without having to live in a tent or get another job (one career is more than I can handle now)?
Is a child driver living in your household covered by your uninsured motorist auto insurance but is not added to the policy0~*u*r*d*1*4*me*~ 2012-03-28 05:42:06
Is a conductor of children living in your household covered by your auto insurance uninsured motorist but not added to the policy
If you operate a business from home, what percentage does the IRS allow you to deduct from household expenses?0gul2012-07-30 17:51:57
In other words, if you have a designated area of your home or apartment set aside exclusively for business activities, what percentage of your household expenses (mortage, rent, gas, electric, phone, Internet, insurance, etc) does the IRS allow you to deduct on a Schedule C as operational expenses for your home business?
Are there any expenses that will be added to each Vital Burn Ketobuy?0Jerisohing2021-04-07 02:29:39
p { }a:link { } Vital Burn Keto One examination communicates that using the keto diet can uphold absorption and control hunger.  
Should I charge my business expenses only credit card for charges that cover personal/business expenses?0Amanda E.2012-10-24 19:45:03
I have one credit card I charge all of my business expenses to, I just started a business last year and I'm trying to make things easy for when I file taxes in 2011. I have expenses such as insurance where both my business vehicle and personal motorcycle are covered - should I charge this to my business-only credit card and sort it out later? What is the best way? Thanks!
Can somebody be added to a spouse's health insurance regarless of legal status?0jaycey2012-08-29 12:10:03
My husband who is a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. have insurance through her ​​employer . Since we're married , I can add to your insurance , as I am out of state with my visa? In other words , has a opition add a dependent spouse , but could benefit from it despite my legal status ?
Where can I buu legal expenses for my car insurance?0Amethyst2012-07-01 13:02:23
About to renew my insurance. The cheapest is Kwik -Fit with a whopping
Does MetLife car insurance cover household members?0Queenie2012-05-03 15:24:08
I recently got my license in Massachusetts Junior Operator . My mom has MetLife insurance car and I'm trying to figure out if I am covered by insurance. MetLife 's website says it covers " you, your family members living at home, and any person using your car with your permission" Does that mean I'm already covered or do I need to be listed on your policy insurance ?
Legal expenses insurance that covers family law?0uah2012-08-25 11:58:19
Can you buy covering legal expenses including legal expenses family law in the UK ? Most home insurance policies cover legal costs , but do not cover eg family law dispute over child residence or contact. Who can provide this?
My mum Sadly Died the other week, she had a basic life cover for funeral expenses... not enough to cover! why?0Simple life2012-05-08 02:15:20
There was the basic insurance from Prudential , which had been paying it to 30yrs ABT ABT aa rate
Added value to car, can my insurance company cover the full value?1Adolp2012-06-19 22:07:59
I have done much work on my car that has a KBB value of about $ 3500. However, I upgraded the engine with a more powerful, with only 40,000 miles on it. I've also done a variety of audio and suspension improvements . ( All I can prove) that plans to sell the car in the near or distant future , so I'll have a lot of use out of the updates. ( Not interested in opinions such as " Why not buy a new car instead? " ) I had the car for about 6 years , I have a very clean driving record and my insurance premium is very low with Geico . I'm even considering a new paint job quality will cost a little tail. While my current insurance only covers the vehicle from its current "stock " value of about $ 3500, you can negotiate with my insurance company to cover the added value in the car? Obviously the car is worth much more than just $ 3500 , I'd be willing to pay a high premium for my car to $ 10,000 or more coverage . Although I am a safe driver , I would like to know the comfort that only in case something unfortunate happens , my insurance company give me more than just $ 3,500 for the loss of the vehicle. If I can not do this with Geico, do you know of any insurance company would be willing to cover the increased value of the car ?

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