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Missed my edd call will they call back?0Donna2012-05-14 17:18:14
I missed my calling EDD I call back the same day or they will try the next day?
What do you say to a client when you forgot to call them back?0Ker2012-05-10 14:33:02
I was so caught up with work that I forgot to call back a customer friendly in my company and made him uncomfortable because it gave him the information he needed to close a deal on a property over time. I was embarrassed and did not know what to say. What is the best way to apologize to this customer and calm the situation?
Why would an Insurance Owner/Agent not call you back?0Rhonda2012-06-20 22:11:30
We are an agency and been dealing with the owner. Our insurance is about to expire in a couple of weeks. He called me and said he wanted to raise the insurance coverage to a different insurer ( because we have a cash value policy ) and had set a list of other things that we had canceled insurance Co. for over a year. He came to the house unannounced and took video. I have called 5 times in 2 weeks and no return phone calls ! Today he called again and the employee said he would personally call Doug and call us again in both directions. Well, now again asked the same business day either! This agent / agency has made ​​with us in the past too. We're done and shopping elsewhere, but why did not someone make sure not to call you back and let your insurance runs out? Is that even legal? We have no accidents or tickets ... to carry a rider of a million dollars ... What's up? Our money is not green enough ? Just do not understand . Thank you ! Serious answers only please :)
What should I do when my insurance adjuster won't call me back concerning my claim?1Eden2012-05-19 00:55:59
About 39 days ago, my car was broken into and it turns out my renters insurance covers goods that were stolen. Progressive gave me the number of your insurance adjuster and I have yet to talk to him. I called it religiously , every day during normal hours . I even called customer service and asked them not to and all I said was that it's him or not contact me. I told them that is bullcrap and I need a new adjuster. All they said is to be patient ... but the 39 days ? ? ? ! ridicule. What other steps I can take? What should I do ? never called back after leaving messages!
I like this question yesterday, but I asked, "What I can do?" Instead of "who I can call" or "you can legally take care of this?" The problem is when I come to pick up my 5 and 7 children aged up - that over the past 5 years have always walked to the door and rang the bell or falls, they call Southern hospitality or whatever but I feel like if you were being rude, if I honk or call / text before displaying it. The stepfather basically comes in the door when he wants to have an altercation. Sometimes you just outside working on something that is not confrontational, so I guess it will be cool most of the time. Well, yesterday was the time 6 or 7 who wanted to start a discussion. Once assembled all their bills at the door and asked me to pay them, because I told my children that their mom dad gives money to help care for them. I guess I told him I said that I give money and not really say anything else, which is fine, that should not even participate, but I asked my what it means child support, so I explained. On another occasion he told me my child support was pathetic and not even enough to feed ($ 600/month). I was paying 25% of what I do. I even paid when I was on disability for 3 months and it was like 75% of my check. I had to go live with my brother, because I did not want to be behind my CS and would not return to court to get fit because they are my responsibility and not their fault that I had surgery and got on disability. .. On another occasion, I had to work (shift worker) over and my wife had to pick which was the first and only time this has happened. He cried and told him to leave his property. I call on the other, and had words. Again (and this is the big one) was supposed to pick up my kids on Sunday my ex for the day because they were in my brother's wedding ring as Barer and Flower Girl. This was agreed with the former one month early. When I showed up, he decided he did not want me I have them and told me to go. When I said no, I give my kids pulled a gun and told to leave now. I put my foot in the door and told me to go when I get my kids "go ahead and shoot." He closed the door, I hit the door window, shattering the glass, I went to jail, 80 hours community service, 10 months probation, 20 kinds of anger management. Oh, and $ 3,500 in the window and court costs. He even called me before and told me it's much more of a father than I ever will. This is when my daughter was 3 and my son was 1. We had just got a divorce because she knew him. They were together for 2 months and told me that because I had a problem with the fact that my ex and I were doing to my children call him Dad. Please keep in mind, my children are my life. Always have been. I am the father who stayed with my ex, as long as I could for my children until she started talking, emailing, and have meals with other children secret. I've always paid my child support, medical insurance, half of med bills. I can pay for sports and extracurricular activities. I've never missed a weekend. They have no need to pack their bags to come to Dad's house. They have their own rooms. Their game room, movie theater, and even play equipment. I provide everything they need and pay $ 1,300 a month. I'm not a saint and there are 2 sides to every story, buy I promise it's crazy, she's on antidepressants, attempted suicide at 15, always facebooks how depressed she is and can not wait until the Lord returns, the high school drop out, withdraw from all courses at the university who has tried to take, has never held a job for more than a few months. Anyway, I'm just trying to give an overview so you do not think there's more to the story. Some dads are downtime and parents decide they want to be halfway up the boy's life after they have parties, and mom fuck. I grew up in a divorced home, I know from experience. I do everything by the book and do it well! Her husband works out of town most of the time (thank God) and has even told me he was going to leave (like its my business), and I do not even talk to her about it, only my children . I went to a lawyer and unless their is physical violence, I can not get a restraining order to stay up to 10 feet away at all times. Legally, there is supposed to discuss child support, and yesterday decided to talk about it at the door of his house while he told my children to stay home until they finish talking to me. I was there at 5:59 pm, my estimated time is 18:00, so they have no right to do this. My ex took the CS setting new check came, although he said it was not, so she spent her money on dinner and expensive gifts b-day of his sister (I know because of facebook, I'm not your friend on facebook, but my wife sees his comments because they have mutual friends) and now Age Verification
What to do when the faulty party's insurance won't call me back!?1Jenny2012-02-21 14:06:35
I was involved in an accident more than 3 weeks ago. It took me exactly 3 weeks to obtain insurance of the defective part of which I call back. (This was a stack of 3 cars and I was the only one not in failure = front). It was under me and about a whistle, and wanted me to do everything his way . I have a Subaru WRX car 03 and need love in a decent body shop - . Not just " Jose Civic Body Work " So my car is having problems at the front now (not the main damage was) . Some people tell me that is related to the accident, and others think that is not related , and perhaps a bump or something. So I need a rental car in any way for me to go to school and back next week. How do I call to insurance of the other party and tell them to foot the bill for a rental. I'm angry I havent called when * all but signed their life away * call me. So now I think it's time to take control of the wheel. What do I tell this man that I call to get at least a rental .
Fender bender, Guy didn't call back.?1Benton2012-10-19 12:40:02
I had a minor car crash at the pump ... man driving a moving van and back to me , hit the headlight and the bumper of my car. It was not bad enough to call the police , so I figured I'd make it easier for all of us that have their information and information from friends (directly from their driver's licenses ). I calculated one for $ 500 ( cheaper). but now men do not return my calls. I know one of the # s ' is at least correct answers Because someone and says that kids are not home ... I'm assuming it's him. The other # (cell) did not return calls or texts ... They have not heard the estimate , however , are just blatantly prevents me from the beginning. Is there anything I can do right now? Or is that only I have to eat and lessons learned for next time ... ? .... SN: I'm hesitant about reporting to insurance because I did not want my rates to go up to $ 500.
Insurance adjuster doesn't call back?0elisha2012-07-26 09:36:02
We have water damage in the finished basement since last Wednesday . The insurance company ( Travelers ) assigned to an adjuster for our case , however , we can not get hold of it at all. He is calling us not and we left him voice messages. We keep the customer service calls and the representative says there are many other houses damaged worse than ours out there and the controller is busy. Is your right to shuffle ? We want to start fixing our house.
I had an interview at an AT&T store location yesterday, when should i expect a call back?1Maria <32012-09-29 04:56:02
I have previous sales experience selling life insurance. I felt the interview went very well. I asked before leaving, when I expect a call back and the manager said later that day after meeting with the other candidates . Should I be worried. I thought it would take about a week .
Why do they call it life insurance, should'nt they call it death insurance?1↗ イ Kuo forward to Estate 〆 2012-05-09 18:16:37
which is insurance for when you die.
Is this something I should call CPS over?0fatemeh2012-10-17 14:45:04
My mother took my half-brother to a doctor since he left the hospital after birth (which now is turning 5) because I could not get health insurance and have no income . I talked to her about it and she told me that if ever there was something seriously wrong that had to be taken to hospital , and to place near us is going to pay for people who can not afford . But this means that he never had any of their immunizations. MedlinePlus Me and my father (who is her ex - husband ) took her and my brother when they had MedlinePlus place to go for what they have been living here for several years for free . MedlinePlus You can tell my brother has some mental problems , is almost five and still does not speak in complete sentences and has a very hard time to say a few words , yet shall not the toilet has a serious fear of it and I try and deal with him . MedlinePlus What I'm wondering if it's serious enough to call CPS ? MedlinePlus Me and my dad get in trouble for letting this happen under our roof ? MedlinePlus What should I do ?
What do you call someone who0Cymie2012-05-30 20:25:49
Years ago , a girl from our neighborhood lost his parents in a span of 12 months , in circumstances equally devastating . She lived with various aunts and uncles before coming to live with us. We helped her through high school, began in college and taught him to live on their own . My wife and I consider her a daughter, as we have known and cared for her for years. We were never officially guards, although they took the roll . In our insurance policies that will ask the list of all beneficiaries and their relationship with you. We're not sure what he left for her. We suppress

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